Pinewood Derby

Sam got together with his Cub Scout friends for the derby...such fun!

iPhone images

Luke gets to go to the treasure box every Friday after saying his Bible memory verse.  2 weeks ago, he said "Mommy, since I love you, I'll get you a candy at the treasure box next week."  Of course I wasn't going to hold him to it or remind him of it, but when he got in the car after school last Friday, he gave me a fruit gummy.  He said he got it just for me at the treasure box.  What a sweetheart!!

Laney had black and white day and Pajama day last week (on the same day).  The Chick Fil A cow even brought them food.  So of course, she had to have the proper attire.

Once home, she got comfortable while watching TV.  I don't know what's funnier, that she's watching TV without a shirt on or that she has her hands on her hips...

 Luke decided Pickles needed a blanket in his crate, so he laid his "ba" over him.

Sam was invited to a Broomball Bash birthday party.  He's in the center with lime green on.

We babysat a Shih Tzu over the weekend.  The plan was that if it worked out, we would keep her.  She was a sweet dog and very lazy, laying around the whole time.  But she didn't like the kids being in her face.  After biting Luke, she was back home within the hour.

Happy Birthday Bro!


a little snow

the kids were overjoyed!

iPhone images

Whenever I take Luke to his favorite restaurant, I get this huge smile from him.  In case you're wondering, it's Subway.  And he can order all by himself.  "I'd like a ham and cheese sandwich on white bread, with mayonnaise, not toasted."  Imagine a four year old saying that.  I asked him why he likes Subway so much, and he said "Because they have Cheetos".  

Laney found a place for her babies to nap...

Sam and his build-a-bear are ready to fight.

We had praise team practice for only 30 minutes the other night.  Instead of getting a babysitter, we let the kids watch part of a movie down one aisle of the sanctuary.  I wouldn't be surprised if that's the first time that's ever happened at Briarwood...

Laney somehow managed to get inside this small toy oven while I was working in the nursery.

Luke's teacher, one of the coolest in the world, took her class out to the courtyard to play in the snow.  He enjoyed catching the snow on his tongue.

Basketball pictures

I couldn't get centered and up-close so as to stay out of the professional photographer's way, but you get the idea...  Luke took b'ball pictures and looked so handsome.

After pictures, they played a team with the shortest player yet.  He was SO adorable!

You probably can't tell, but Luke dribbles the ball and shoots with his tongue out.  I guess it provides him with a little extra balance.

my birthday

We arrived to pick up our "carpool buddy" for school and they had made birthday cupcakes for me.  They even had a candle on top!  It was such a special surprise...

Laney kept me laughing all day, with her wardrobe changes every 15 minutes and her continuous dancing about.  Love that girl!

Luke made my bed for me.  All on his own.  He is so tender-hearted...

Laney and I got our nails painted.

B gave me some beautiful flowers.

We met my family for dinner at Flat Top Grill.  B even surprised me with homemade Italian Cream Cake...my favorite dessert!  Laney helped me blow out the candle.

Christine gave me exactly what I asked for:  an electronic pencil sharpener.  With the kids growing up and wanting to practice their letters, the cheap, plastic manual sharpener wasn't working for me any more.  I'm such a nerd...

And Ron gave me just what I needed and asked for:  brand new glasses.  Now that I'm a year older, my eyesight has worsened a bit.  I'm looking forward to how lightweight they are.  Again...nerd.


Tea Time

My mom took her three grand-girls to the Densler House in Columbiana for afternoon tea.  The owner had hats, scarves, and gloves for the girls to wear.  They even picked a hat for B.  Laney was so excited to go that she was jumping up and down saying "This is going to be the best day ever".  She even let me fix her hair (which almost never happens) and asked for makeup and fingernail polish.  She looked beautiful and had the best day ever, just like she hoped she would.


New Year's Eve

We spent the majority of New Year's Eve in Atlanta, Georgia at the Aquarium then Ikea. We saw so many beautiful things at the aquarium, then took a short drive to Ikea and ended up buying the boys a bunkbed.  The bunkbed was not planned, but Ron said it best when he said something to the effect of "Those Swedes sure know how to make a good 'piece of crap' furniture for real cheap!"  We couldn't pass it up...

Ron insisted that he put the bed together that night.  When he finally finished at 9pm, the boys were so giddy that they didn't settle down until close to 11.  Then they woke up at 4:45am because they were still so giddy to have a new bunkbed.  Happy new year (said with sarcasm)! :)