2011 was a good year. We experienced highs and lows. We watched our babies grow up right before our eyes. We got to spend more time with each other and our families. We discovered how enjoyable Birmingham can be...even if we still don't like the traffic. :)
Happy New Year!

Christmas morning

I took a quick shot of the living room before the kids woke up. They trashed it pretty quickly.
They excitedly ran into the living room to see what Santa brought.

Each child only got about 3 presents, so it didn't take long to unwrap and start playing. Laney's wearing her new boots in this picture and playing with her new doodle pro. She doesn't have to borrow her brothers' doodlers any more.

She loves putting the light saber in your face and staring you down.

Luke was thrilled with his Star Wars gun and light saber.

Sam got a bike for Christmas. Since he couldn't ride it in the house, playing with stickers was his number 2 choice.

We enjoyed a nice Christmas together. Simple and low-key. After a traditional biscuit coffee cake breakfast, we got dressed and went to church.

Christmas with Pops and B

Pops started out with a scavenger hunt.
After the kids found and opened a box, we read the next small chapter in a book leading us to find out what God wants for Christmas.

The kids eventually found a box with a mirror in it. They looked in to see what God wanted...He wants you! What a fun little adventure...

The kids took a ride on Pops' homemade scooter-thing.

Sam helped him by pushing...

Laney loved her new outfit!

Of course we sang happy birthday to Jesus.

The next five pictures are courtesy of my SIL...

ornament time

my parents used to give us an ornament every year, to sum up the year so to speak...
ron and i are carrying on the tradition. laney's ornament is a sparkly and glittering high heel. she started playing "dress up" this year and has turned into a bit of a girly girl.

luke's ornament is a guitar that says "rock on". he's the life of the party and loves music.

sam's ornament is a man holding on to a carabiner. this represents the adventures that sam encountered this year. he went for a ride on a zip line, learned how to swim, rode his first water slide, and more.

i was given a sewing machine ornament, because i love to sew.

and ron was given tiny drums since he officially became a drummer this year after he accepted the role at church. he's showing off for the camera a bit...

Enterprise, Louisiana

Rebekah and I went to Enterprise by way of Monroe. When you go through Monroe, you have to take the ferry across the river. We pulled up to the stop sign and waited for our turn to drive onto the ferry. After a few minutes, I turned off the car and started to walk down the drive to find out why it was taking so long...
Then I saw this sign...

Baba Dee lives 2 miles on the other side of the ferry. But when the ferry isn't operating, you have to back track and drive through the hills, which takes another hour! So after 2 1/2 hours of driving, thinking we were five minutes away, we had to get back in the car and drive for another hour. Not fun! But once we got there, we were greeted with kids playing in the beautiful sunshine.

Laney was eying the cake toppers...which turned out to be delicious...

The kids enjoyed sitting at their table sans adults!

I wish I had taken more pictures at Baba Dee's house. Hopefully I'll do better next year...

Christmas at the Philleys

We went to the Philleys the weekend before Christmas. Baba Dee had Christmas in Enterprise on Saturday, so we sandwiched it in between some time in Clinton. Laney was ready to finally open some presents.
The kids enjoyed seeing cousin Jackson. Sam loves his new camera.

Luke got a new guitar, which he loves.

Laney got a Barbie car.

The boys even got some running in... Sam's training for his marathon. He has to run 25.2 miles by January 26. He turns in his running chart and gets to run the last mile with other children at the Mercedes Marathon in February.

I love my boys!

iPhone images

R.I.P: the dip. I've talked about it on here before...the road we live on has a dip. I grew up driving on the dip. Well, the county stopped maintaining the area about 7 months ago. As the road worsened and neighbors complained, they decided to close the dip if they got signatures from 80% of the homeowners. Well, they got the signatures needed and closed the road just before Christmas.
The kids and I took a walk down there to explore (now that there's no thru traffic to deal with).

It was quite fun! We even inched close to the drop off so that we could get a look at the waterfall.

The boys have enjoyed new Star Wars gear...

The one thing Laney wanted for Christmas was purple boots. I bought the wrong size. So after Christmas we went shopping and found her some fuchsia ones. She may not look excited in this picture, but she was thrilled to get them.


iPhone images

I don't know which one of these pictures is cuter...

On a day when Laney Grace wasn't feeling so good.

Sam's Christmas party at school; this is his teacher.

Sam and Luke opted to climb into Santa's lap the other day at Brookwood Mall. Laney didn't want to see "the man" as she calls him.

Recent Christmas gift from Aunt Bekah and Uncle Big Mac. They went to Philadelphia last month.

Our little drummer...

She just stated "Bye y'all. I'm going to Memphis." Where do they come up with these things?