Our Summer Schedule

I spotted a blue jay at my feeder for the first time...they're so beautiful!

On a different note, I'm happy to report that I have finished scheduling our summer.  Every day is dedicated to something...like every Tuesday we'll be going to the library and every Friday we'll be meeting friends at local parks for picnics and playtime.  I found a super cute calendar set at the Parent Teacher store.  It has a weather page, days of the week page, calendar, and I grabbed a blank poster to fill in our daily schedule.  I laminated it all, so it's easy to change out.  So fun!!  Since I'm slightly OCD, I'm a little giddy about the organization!  I got a small chalk board, although I don't know what to do with it yet.  Feel free to give me some ideas...  Happy summer, everyone!


MDO last day

Luke and Laney finished up on Tuesday.  I tried to get a picture of Luke at his class party without him knowing, but I wasn't sneaky enough.  He saw me right away.

Luke loved Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Barby.  On a side note, Barby's husband was my history teacher in high school.  It's fun to see my kids beginning to have some of my old teachers...

Laney had a water party.  She keeps so busy that I could only get a picture of her up close.

I would run way ahead of her to take a full body shot, and she wouldn't stop walking.

So finally I said "Laney, will you stop for just a second so Mommy can get a picture?".  Here's what she gave me:

She did NOT learn that from me.  Although one of my mom's friends says she has a picture of me at that age making almost the same pose.  We'll see if that photo resurfaces...  :)

Laney enjoyed having Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Missy


Soccer Shots

iPhone images

Sam and Luke are sweet brothers sometimes...

Luke and I had some "time alone" eating pancakes at McDonald's the other day.

My kids were all about Daddy and Pops on Mother's Day.  They spent time cuddling with each of them...

I went to pick Luke and Laney up from the nursery after sewing group and I had to take a picture of them...they looked like such big kids.

The nursery workers gave Luke some tomato seeds to plant last month.  It's growing nicely!

dress up time

Luke went to a pirate party.  He's so stinkin' cute!

more water play

slip n slide

Luke:  playful, joyful, happy, high-energy, emotional

Sam:  cerebral, contemplative, bossy, sensitive, loving

Laney:  sassy, somewhat oblivious, strong-willed, compassionate, sweet

I love their traits...all of them.  I just have to remind myself every now and then.  :)

Fire Pit

Ron worked his butt off digging a huge hole and turning it into a fire pit last week.  As you can see by the pictures, the kids enjoyed their daddy's hard work.

Laney is explaining that the fire is "BIG".

McWane Center


i'm hating the squirrels equally as much as i'm enjoying the birds.  these guys are everywhere.  and they have learned to run when they hear me...cause i have a gun...seriously.

the hawk has come back several times.  i've enjoyed watching him try to catch food...



We took a day trip to Montgomery last weekend to see our new nephew/cousin.  Ronald Lee "Doc" was born the previous week and we had to get our hands on him.  The boys couldn't care less, but Laney Grace just didn't want to let go.  She held her hand under his bottom for support, patted him on the leg, and softly rubbed his knee.  Very sweet.

Lil' Snuffles

I grew up with a GUND.  A brown Snuffles.  So when I saw this pink Lil' Snuffles at the toy store I had to get it.  Laney woke up the next morning and promptly wrapped it in a blanket and threw it over her shoulder.  While watching Luke play golf (first thing in the morning as I have already pointed out) she patted the bear and squeezed him tight.  Pretty stinkin' adorable!