Flea Market Finds

On my way to Huntsville I stopped at the Cullman Flea Market. There were many times during our 6 years in Huntsville that I drove by Cullman and said "I'll go there someday". Well, I finally did it. Partly because there were a ton of places I passed on the way to visit Ron's parents on the coast and I would always say "One of these days we'll stop there". They moved away from the coast several years ago and I wish I had ventured in to some of those quirky shops. I guess I didn't want to miss another opportunity...

I bought two things at the market this weekend. A good old-fashioned wooden chair that we will definitely be recovering. We need a chair for our den and now we have one. Granted, it's sitting in the corner of our bedroom until the material has been chosen and I'm able to make the transformation.

I also bought a camel saddle. Anyone seen one of these? My parents had one of these while I was growing up and my brother and I played on it often. This was a sentimental purchase. I've seen some on ebay and other sites, but none as inexpensive as the one I found in Cullman. I even talked the guy down to almost 50% off. Score! It looks a little different than the one we had, but I still love it.

Just as important, the kids love it too. It was the first thing they noticed when they came into the den the next morning. First Luke tried it out. Then Sam and Luke hopped on together for some photo opps.

They're saying "pickle" in this picture. It's one of our favorite words in the Philley house.


she's okay, really

this is how she winks. it may not be pretty, but it's hilarious. she just holds her eye closed for a long time. most of the time she even laughs while she's doing it. it's like she knows she's funny.

iPhone images - unstaged

I was driving to the store and looked behind me and this is what I saw. My heart is so happy that Luke and Laney are already fast friends. I hope I never forget this sweet moment.

Luke creates his first song


Ron and the kids

Our kids love watching the Chronicles of Narnia. So here they are with Ron, watching away...

which one is better?

I was going to ask Ron which picture is better and post it... but he's asleep on the couch. He's sick so I won't wake him to ask him about cute pictures of Luke.

So what do y'all think? I am still learning about photography. It's hugely about preference. But is this first shot with the sun's rays hitting Luke a good picture? I'm not asking if you like it as much as I'm asking if it's got good composition. The more I look at it the more I think it's overexposed. Amy, Ashley, Jenn, and other photographers, what are your opinions?

Jeff's big race

I spent my birthday weekend in Clinton, MS cheering on my bro-in-law who ran his first ever marathon. You did great, Jeff! I was told by Rebekah that it only looks like he's smiling in this first picture. He was trying to keep from crying...
Jeff with his mom and sister

My Birthday

The highlight of my birthday was getting to sit in on the Rick and Bubba show in the "golden seat" section. My mom went with me, since my birth was made possible because of her. ☺ It was a fun morning. Thanks for going with me, B. Thank you, Marcia, for coming over at 6:15am to babysit while Ron made rounds. And thank you, Ron, for taking all three kids to school. You're the best.

Leaving Huntsville

I never posted these pictures. It was just too hard. Our best friends threw us a going away party and I still remember being at the party, feeling as if I was watching from the outside, knowing things would never be the same. I cried that night. I cried as much as I did yesterday when I got my bad haircut. ;) But obviously, the tears were different. I LOVE these people and couldn't imagine them not being a part of my daily life.

Hard to believe, but that was almost 6 months ago. I don't love them any less, but God has been good to us in this move. We're in Birmingham with wonderful family members close by. We're slowly making new friends, getting plugged in to church, and making our new place "our home". I went back to Huntsville today for the first time since we moved. I got to spend a few hours with the girls. My friend Leslie and I always referred to us as "the six of us". Today, someone made a comment about "the five of us". They've gotten used to me being absent just as I've gotten used to being away. What a blessing to have been part of "the six" for a while. We may not be a group of six in our daily lives, but the Lord brought us together and will hold us together as sisters even if we don't live in the same town.

Thank you girls for sharing your Saturday with me. Thank you for the party you gave almost six months ago. I love y'all!


Don't ever...

Don't ever go to Aveda Institute here in Birmingham. Y'all, NEVER!

I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say I went this morning and walked out crying like a 2 year old. AWFUL CUT! I went in to get no more than 1/2 of an inch cut. 2 inches later and I was quite mad.

Why do bad hair cuts make us cry anyway?