K5 Zoo Trip

Sam's class went to the zoo a few days ago. Parents and siblings were invited, so me and the little ones tagged along. They had Aubie and Big Al there for a little shindig, so we got a quick picture with our preferred mascot. (War Eagle!)Beautiful red tailed hawk.
Luke poked his head through the lion cut-out and said "Roar!"
After walking around the zoo, we went to the picnic tables for a little snack.
The yellow jackets crept in on the party and Sam and his buddy sat there frozen so as to avoid getting stung.


While Ron was out of town last weekend, me and the kids made a day trip to Huntsville on Saturday. We met our friends for lunch at Rosie's and were thrilled to find the food just as delicious as we had remembered. We were also happy to find our friends just as special as we remembered! :)Laney and Kate got a picture together. They are just a couple of days apart, so it's always fun to see them at play.
We went to Denise's house for a little down time before heading home.
I had some tired kids on the ride home.
Next time we go, we'll make a weekend of it so we can spend more time there. Even though it was a quick trip, we had fun seeing old friends.


new show!!

Rocket City Rednecks debuts tonight on the National Geographic Channel.
Since we once called Huntsville "home", this is one TV show I'm really looking forward to...


Sam's first loose tooth

Sam's bottom tooth has been loose and we have tried to pull it over and over again.At first it wiggled.
Then he could push his tongue in between his teeth.
Then he could disgustingly push it out...

Then Ron brought out his tools and tried to scare Sam a bit...
As you can see Sam wasn't scared...
Sam cried right after this picture, so Ron quit trying to to pull the tooth. We sat down for dinner and I gave Sam an ice cream sandwich for a treat. While eating the ice cream he screamed "My tooth!". I ran over, excited to catch a glimpse, and asked him if I could see his tooth. His reply?... "It's in my tummy".
All that work and he swallowed his first tooth! And yes, he asked me to retrieve it the next day, if you know what I mean... ☺


fall soccer

iPhone images

my sweet luke...my funny laney...
i put a movie on for the kids. laney sat down as close as she could get to luke. he looked at her and said "mommy, i love laney".

new tees

i ordered some new shirts from honey bee tees. the kids look just as adorable as i had hoped...


a little rain...

so you may have heard we had a little rain in these parts.

let me just second what my neighbor told me the other day, we're all having extreme weather fatigue around here. remember how a tree fell on our house during the april 27 tornado (and three other trees went down as well)? we finally almost got things back to normal and now our basement has flooded due to heavy rains. granted, it didn't flood as in 6 inches of water standing in the basement, but the carpet is soaked and water was coming out of the walls and floors as it filled the space.

we left for dinner and took a picture of the dip on our way out. (in case you're not familiar with my neighborhood, we have a huge dip on our street that is in between a small lake and the golf course. the dip often fills with water as the lake overflows due to heavy rains. i actually grew up using this street as a cut-thru. it's crazy that i live here. which reminds me, we've lived here over a year and are not at all itching to leave. we finally found our long-term home...and it feels good.
just an hour later, this is what the dip looked like as we pulled up from the other side. i've never seen it this full of water. and the homes on this side of the lake were definitely flooded. you couldn't even tell they had a back yard. the water was all the way up to their houses.
we got home and discovered water bubbling out of the ground in our garage. then we realized it was also happening in our basement. the electricity was out, so we couldn't do much about it.
a tree was down across acton road
and camp horner road
either way i went, i had to drive under a tree. oh well, it made for a little excitement. the kids loved it!!

it actually makes way for a new post. next month, look for "our basement - before and after". after considering extracting, drying, and cleaning the carpet downstairs, ron decided he'd rather pull it up. once you pull up the carpet, you then have to stain or paint the concrete below, paint the walls with waterproof paint, pull down the 1960's ceiling tiles, and maybe update the lighting while you're at it. so in a few weeks, we'll have a brand new basement. crazy!

random pics

i took this picture at church last sunday. the kids love sitting by b and pops singing the music. i love that they have the opportunity to do this.we went to our first 3d movie as a family. we took the kids to see the smurfs and even laney kept those big 'ole 3d glasses on the whole time.
laney cuddling with b.
what's cuter than a little guy in boxers?


Sav-A-Life Shower

Our Sunday School class threw a shower for a group of moms who have been attending birth classes at Sav-A-Life. We have been working on this for close to 9 months. Each month was assigned a specific baby item for us to donate, whether it be baby lotion, diapers, pacifiers, etc.
The party finally happened on Tuesday as we welcomed 7 girls to the Caroline House at Briarwood. It was a beautiful evening full of good food, decorating onesies, a blessing for the babies, and lots of gifts. I really hope these girls saw the love of Christ displayed...

Laney's First Haircut

Laney got her first hair cut Saturday. She and Mr. Clay seemed to hit it off...
She sat there completely still the entire time. He was quite impressed.

She even let him style it a bit with his blowdryer.
What a big girl!