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Whenever I take Luke to his favorite restaurant, I get this huge smile from him.  In case you're wondering, it's Subway.  And he can order all by himself.  "I'd like a ham and cheese sandwich on white bread, with mayonnaise, not toasted."  Imagine a four year old saying that.  I asked him why he likes Subway so much, and he said "Because they have Cheetos".  

Laney found a place for her babies to nap...

Sam and his build-a-bear are ready to fight.

We had praise team practice for only 30 minutes the other night.  Instead of getting a babysitter, we let the kids watch part of a movie down one aisle of the sanctuary.  I wouldn't be surprised if that's the first time that's ever happened at Briarwood...

Laney somehow managed to get inside this small toy oven while I was working in the nursery.

Luke's teacher, one of the coolest in the world, took her class out to the courtyard to play in the snow.  He enjoyed catching the snow on his tongue.

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