Disney Day 4

We ventured out to the water park today sans Laney. Freddie and Christine had some bonding time with her while Ron and I had fun with the boys. The Disney water park is called Typhoon Lagoon and it's definitely geared towards families.

Luke was willing to get a picture. Sam had been sitting on the rock next to Luke, but got up and walked away when I pulled out my camera. He had some 'tude today for sure... (is that how you spell that?)

There were a couple of family raft rides and several areas for the kids. Sam HATED the raft ride because of the little water falls along the way. He cried and clinged to me as soon as he saw the first water fall. We got off and he said "I just hated that ride!" He actually screamed it... so loud that the lifeguards helping the families out of the water laughed out loud at him.

Shortly after the raft ride Luke got a wasp sting. Poor little guy got stuck on the underneath part of his middle finger. His hand swelled up so fast and he just cried in pain. Ron took him to first aid and they gave him a little numbing medication. Although he went right back to having fun, his hand was swollen for a couple of hours. He's tough...

We got home in time to pick up the rest of the Philleys and go to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Sam loves this restaurant. After tonight, Luke loves it too. I took the picture of Luke from behind simply because I'm in love with his curls.

Disney Day 3

Like Saturday, we laid low on Sunday and didn't go to any parks. We thought we'd avoid them on the weekend figuring they would be crowded. So the kids started the morning at the resort's Bounce House. They had fun but got really hot really fast. So we moved on to the kiddie pool area.

The kid's pool has a splash pad, wading pool with fountain, water-gun shooters, and more. The kids enjoyed it immensely.

We made our way to McDonald's for lunch and the kids got a happy meal. This doesn't happen often in our family, so they were excited to show their new toys off for the camera.
Sunday was a good day...


Day 2 - Character Dining

We had breakfast at Chef Mickey's Saturday morning. As you can tell by the pictures, Laney cried every time a new character came up to greet us. It was hard not to laugh...

As we were leaving the restaurant, we stopped in to visit the gift shop. Something about this picture makes me laugh. Each child is just doing their own thing...

More of Day 1 - just Laney

While all the boys were in line for the race cars, the girls were enjoying a little down time. I grabbed a chocolate-covered Mickey Mouse ice-cream for me and Laney, although Laney ate most of it all by herself. She was so cute eating it that I just had to take some pictures!

We met up with Grandee after our snack and waited on the guys together. Pansies served as a beautiful backdrop for a few more pictures. Ron saw these pictures and just said "Awwww...".

Magic Kingdom

We had a nice time at Magic Kingdom. We got there around 10:30 and caught a little bit of the parade around Mainstreet. Sam enjoyed sitting on Pappy's shoulders while Luke and Laney rode in the double stroller.

The first ride we went on was the new Buzz Lightyear ride. This was the kids' favorite of the day. We went again on the way out of the park.

I got some cute pictures of Ron and Laney while we waited in line for "It's a Small World".

She loves squeezing noses... hers and others.

She also enjoyed squeezing Ron's cheeks.

I have more pictures of the day, but it's time for me to get the kids dressed. It's 10 am and we're still in our PJs. Vacations are tough... ☺


Disney Trip Day 1

The kids woke up early and were excited to go to Florida. I made some small bags for all three kids to carry on the plane and gave them to them when they woke up. They eagerly posed for a picture. (Laney's bag is hot pink with a purple monster.)They made a friend in the airport. Our flight was delayed a couple of hours, so they watched "Toy Story" together.
Ron and Freddie took the kids to the pool as the sun was about to set. They were excited. They hung out in some tubes floating around the lazy river.
By the time they left it was dark, but I did manage to get a picture of Laney in her cover-up and crocs. She's growing up so fast!
Day 1 ended with dinner at Smokey Bones. It's my absolute favorite restaurant. Ron and I are going back tomorrow night on a date. They have the best chicken sandwich ever! The kids were so tired that Sam and Luke actually fell asleep at the table. We've never seen our kids so tired.

the school lawn

i got a quick pic of the kids with my phone so i could send it to ron. sam got his new glasses and he wanted to show his daddy...


We celebrated President's Day by going to the zoo with our neighbors. The kids enjoyed everything! The tiger was especially beautiful. The weather was nice and we got out just before Laney had a bit of a breakdown.


girl time

i took laney to her room after church hoping to get a few pretty shots. she had different plans. she went to her toy box, grabbed some toys, and plopped down in my lap for some play time. i held my arm out as far as i could and got some cute shots of her just being a girl. way better than what i had planned...


the guys

I haven't mentioned it yet, but the main reason we were in San Antonio was for Ron to get his USAT coaching certification. He is joining Hank's company, Perform Coaching Group, along with two others. If anyone is in need of a triathlon coach, give Ron a call. Here are the guys at the airport on Sunday right before we hopped on the plane.

And this is the picture they want to use for their website...

...or this one. Brian was a high jumper in high school, so he has skillz.