a typical day for Laney

loving popcorn and sliding at the local playground

she has to cuddle with her daddy and all three of her babies

a little dressing up never hurts...


Sam's Bird Report

Sam's teacher and I have discovered that Sam needs to be kept busy. So she is giving him extra work at school periodically. His latest "enrichment" work was a bird project. He went to Pops' house and saw several different species of birds...


The boys with Santa

While we were in Destin over Thanksgiving we visited Santa at the Bass Pro Shops. Laney would have nothing to do with him. The boys, on the other hand, couldn't wait to climb in his lap and fill him in on what they wanted for Christmas. They sat up there quite a while since there wasn't a line, and sweet Luke couldn't resist Santa's buckle. His hand was on there the entire time. We have about 7 pictures between me and Christine, and Luke's holding on to that buckle in every shot.

candy land

this was one SERIOUS game of candy land!

Am I Crazy!?!?

I signed up for the Chicago Marathon today!
Yikes... There are several motivating factors; I may (or may not) share them some day. I'm mostly looking forward to an activity that Ron and I can enjoy together. He's running the marathon as well. Ok, I may not enjoy it, but you know what I mean...
In-depth training begins at the end of March. Please keep me in your prayers...seriously.
I took a picture of the computer screen congratulating me on registering. Just in case I never do a marathon again, I'll have this picture to remind me that at least the computer was glad I signed up. :)