moving day

moving in to our house brought many memories. the least fun of those? our septic tank stopping up. poor pops spent about 7 hours in our garage "cleaning" it out. thank goodness for pops!!!! he cut away a 3 foot section of the pipes, cleaned it with his super-duper vacuum cleaner, and installed new piping. by the end of the day it was all clean and the smell was just about gone. disgusting!

the more enjoyable part of moving day was having some visitors. jennifer and the kids came to say hello. it's so precious to live 10 minutes away from them. i have a feeling our kids will grow up to be best of friends (and best of cousins as well).

my musicians

just before we moved, the boys created a two man band. they would walk around the house playing their instruments. other than it being a little too loud for my liking, it was sweet. music to my ears...


A girl's room...

We met the Hall's a few weeks ago and their daughter was enamored with Laney. Here they are in Laney's new room... such a sweet family.


War Eagle! Roll Tide!

I stumbled across a new blog that I love. The CSI project: create, show, inspire. Every week they have a challenge. This week's challenge is sewing/fabric. So I dressed the kids up in their Auburn and Alabama outfits and took a picture. I've never linked to another blog, but I'm doing it this week.

My boys are dressed in Auburn shorts while my little girl is sporting an Alabama romper in red with white elephants. I made these outfits for a big family reunion in Louisiana where there were a LOT of LSU fans. All in fun...


Rocket City Beach Bash

This weekend we went to the Rocket City Beach Bash in downtown Huntsville. They brought in 400 tons of sand and placed it on 200 yards of the city street. There were games, inflatables, slip-n-slides, and of course the splash pad. That's where we spent most of our time.
The next three pictures show the kids during the first five minutes. Laney wasn't happy at first, but starting having fun soon after I took this picture. Sam was trying to decide if he wanted to get wet. He played a little better than in the past, now that he has his super cool Speedo. And Luke had fun as always. His favorite part was "sitting" on the water as it shot up.

Rosie's, we'll miss you...

We went to Rosie's Mexican Cantina one last time as residents of Huntsville. We'll definitely be eating there again when we come back to visit. No one can beat their homemade tortillas!

I love my kids! Such cuteness...