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Luke gets to go to the treasure box every Friday after saying his Bible memory verse.  2 weeks ago, he said "Mommy, since I love you, I'll get you a candy at the treasure box next week."  Of course I wasn't going to hold him to it or remind him of it, but when he got in the car after school last Friday, he gave me a fruit gummy.  He said he got it just for me at the treasure box.  What a sweetheart!!

Laney had black and white day and Pajama day last week (on the same day).  The Chick Fil A cow even brought them food.  So of course, she had to have the proper attire.

Once home, she got comfortable while watching TV.  I don't know what's funnier, that she's watching TV without a shirt on or that she has her hands on her hips...

 Luke decided Pickles needed a blanket in his crate, so he laid his "ba" over him.

Sam was invited to a Broomball Bash birthday party.  He's in the center with lime green on.

We babysat a Shih Tzu over the weekend.  The plan was that if it worked out, we would keep her.  She was a sweet dog and very lazy, laying around the whole time.  But she didn't like the kids being in her face.  After biting Luke, she was back home within the hour.

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