my birthday

We arrived to pick up our "carpool buddy" for school and they had made birthday cupcakes for me.  They even had a candle on top!  It was such a special surprise...

Laney kept me laughing all day, with her wardrobe changes every 15 minutes and her continuous dancing about.  Love that girl!

Luke made my bed for me.  All on his own.  He is so tender-hearted...

Laney and I got our nails painted.

B gave me some beautiful flowers.

We met my family for dinner at Flat Top Grill.  B even surprised me with homemade Italian Cream Cake...my favorite dessert!  Laney helped me blow out the candle.

Christine gave me exactly what I asked for:  an electronic pencil sharpener.  With the kids growing up and wanting to practice their letters, the cheap, plastic manual sharpener wasn't working for me any more.  I'm such a nerd...

And Ron gave me just what I needed and asked for:  brand new glasses.  Now that I'm a year older, my eyesight has worsened a bit.  I'm looking forward to how lightweight they are.  Again...nerd.

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BKicklighter said...

Penny - one of favorite purchases last year was a really nice electric pencil sharpener. It has made a world of difference.

We may be nerds but being as smart as us makes life easier :)