The rumor is true; I'm pregnant

Hey fellow bloggers...
Some of you may have heard the news and said to yourself "What, there's no way she's pregnant!  She just had a baby.  Only crazy people do things like that!"  Call me crazy.

Ron and I are expecting our 3rd child sometime in June 2009.  (I haven't gotten the exact date from the doctor yet.)  Soon after Luke's first birthday on May 30 we will have another little one.

I know y'all want to know if we are excited, shocked, or both.  We were in shock for the first 24 hours.  Then for several days after that I felt like I had to apologize about it.  When I would tell someone our news, they would give me a look in which I felt inclined to say "I know, it wasn't planned; it just happened".  I'm over that now.  It wasn't an accident, but planned and given to us from our Sovereign Lord.  We're thrilled about this miracle and welcome the challenges and joys that it will bring.

We'll keep you posted on everything...  and I was just kidding, please don't call me crazy.  I don't know if I could handle it in my emotional and hormonal state right now.


Boxer briefs for toddlers?

Who would have known that they have boxer-briefs for toddlers.  So adorable!!!  And look at those little knobby knees from behind; he gets that from me.  What a cutie...

Luke - 5 months

Such sweetness!  Happy 5 months, Luke...


Barnes and Noble cuteness

I found out a few weeks ago that the Jones Valley Barnes and Noble has story time on Monday and Thursday at 10 followed by a craft.  So we've gone a couple of times now...  Well, this week the kids got to trick-or-treat around the store after story time.  It was adorable!

the cute trick-or-treaters

Sam listening attentively to the story

And just for fun, I thought I'd throw in a couple of pictures of Luke sitting in his Bumbo seat watching a little NFL.  He really sat in it so I could feed him some baby food; it makes feeding time a little easier.


Weekend fun

Me and the boys headed to Birmingham early Friday and Sam had fun times with his cousins.  Kole came over for a few hours while Anne Madison and Avery went to the movies.  I realized this was the first time Sam and Kole played by themselves.  It was great for them.  Usually whenever I mention his cousins he only talks about the girls; maybe now he'll think of Kole every now and then.

Pops put them in his truck and bounced them to their heart's content.

Then Kole and Sam decided it was time to stick out their tongues at us.

Saturday morning I left Sam and Luke with B and Pops (thank you guys) and went to a shower for my sis-in-law in Montgomery.  She is due in January with her first and looks great!  We had fun visiting and checking out all her wonderful gifts.


Sam's Eye Appointment

More than 6 months ago I noticed Sam's left eye getting a little lazy.  When I told the pediatrician about it he said I should make an appointment with an optometrist.  So we had our appointment with Dr. Melanie Cox at Lenscrafters in the Parkway Place Mall today.  (If anyone in the Huntsville area needs an optometrist for your child Dr. Cox is amazing!  She was so great with Sam...)  While we waited for the store to open, we took pictures being silly...

After the first part of our visit, Dr. Cox strongly felt like she needed to dilate Sam's eye to get a true picture of what was going on.  She found his left eye was not "up to par" and knew a dilated eye would be more helpful.  So after drops in the eye, Sam and I went to get a cookie while his eyes got fuzzy.  You can tell in this picture how dilated his eyes are...  he kept looking down at his cookie laughing because it was so blurry.  I needed the laugh, because at this point I was concerned about what was going to happen next.

After she checked his eyes again she explained the situation to me.  Children are born farsighted and their eyes normally correct themselves by the age of 5.  While Sam's right eye is adjusting properly, his left eye is not and is too farsighted in comparison.  So it looks like he needs glasses!  What?  I wasn't expecting that...  She said to come back in 4 months and Sam will be able to better articulate so she is able to get him the right pair of glasses.
Here's where my human nature comes out.  I cried.  I know this isn't a big deal to many of you, but it's just another way of seeing that we're not perfect.  Life isn't perfect... The first person who came to my mind is a friend whose blog I read daily.  She has 3 kids, 2 of whom are special needs.  Her blogs always move me to emotion, whether it be jealousy because of all the money she saves bargain shopping ☺ or my heart aching as she struggles trying to care for her kids who aren't always easy to care for.  They're a blessing, just not always easy.  She recently did a post on God's Word being the foundation of your life.  Thank you Becky for sharing that with us; it encouraged me today.  As silly as it may seem, Sam's need of glasses directed me to trust in God's word.

Psalm 139, "For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them."

Women's Retreat

Christ Pres. had a women's retreat this weekend at beautiful Lake Guntersville.  Me and 5 of my friends used it as an excuse for a slumber party.  We spent Friday night at the Lodge after an enjoyable dinner at Top of the River.

We ended up having a small group of women, about 17 I think.  But the time was meaningfull.  We borrowed Briarwood Presbyterian's very own Barbara Barker and Denise Hamilton to share some truths with us.

It was a great time; I realized just how much I love my friends.

While Sam was enjoying Cracker Jacks for the first time, Luke was filling up on formula and falling fast asleep...

It's coming along...
Day 11

Day 16


Sam and Luke had check-ups last week.  The doctor confirmed what I already knew: Luke is a chunk and Sam is still a little slim for his age.

At 3 years, Sam weighs 27lbs and is 3' tall.  He's in the 7th and 17th percentile for weight and height.

At 4 months, Luke weighs 18lbs.  (I didn't get his exact length)  He's in the 85th and 87th percentile for weight and height.

So Luke is 18lbs.  Sam weighed 19lbs at his one year check-up.  How comical!  The g-parents have already joked that Luke will probably be the bully between the two of them.


Sam's Potty Training Experience

Quick funny story...
The last two nights we've taken Sam's diaper off and let him run around for about 30 minutes with just shorts on.  Last night, we decided to go look at the house while he was diaper less.  Then we went and got ice cream at the Sonic Drive-in real quick.  Our mistake: coming home and eating the ice cream before we put a diaper on him.  So I'm bathing Luke in the bathroom while Sam and Ron are eating ice cream and I hear a blood-curdling scream.  30 seconds later Ron is carrying Sam into the bathroom.  Sam's crying hysterically saying "I'm wet; my pee pee is brown!"  (I don't know where he got that from, but it wasn't the time to correct him and tell him it was actually yellow.)  ☺

So Ron stuck him in the bathtub and put on his PJ's.  Ron asked him if he wanted to try it again tomorrow night and he said "Yes, and tomorrow night I'll wear big boy underwear".  


Veggie Tales

We went to see Veggie Tales Live last night at Whitesburg.  Sam was thoroughly impressed for at least a few minutes.  He stood on the pew before it started watching all the videos on the big screen.

He enjoyed his Veggie Tales light we bought him.

I wish this picture wasn't so fuzzy.  Luke was dancing like crazy with his tongue sticking out.  He loved it!

We left during intermission and went to eat at 5 Guys, our favorite burger joint.  It was a fun night.

Luke eats cereal

Luke tried rice cereal for the first time last night and ate about 6 bites.  I was impressed; I thought he'd spit it right out.

I took a picture this morning of his new outfit Grandee bought.  He looks like such a little man.



Luke played on the exer-saucer.  Not terribly exciting stuff, but I love those eyes!

This picture is for Baba Dee.  She gave Luke this little bear and I lay it on top of him when putting him to bed.  He always grabs it and gives it a squeeze.

Sam went to the "Funny Bugs" class at the Little Gym.  Now that he's three he goes in without me...this is how they walk in a line going from one area to another.

Sam's Birthday Party

Sam turned 3 yesterday and we had a party for him at Whitesburg Baptist's Indoor Playground.  This picture was taken as he walked in the door and saw B and Aunt Jennifer.

Enjoying juice with Megan.

Sam's little finger pointing at his birthday cupcake-cake.

Pierson kept trying to blow the candles out after Sam did it.  So cute!

Cupcake time with black frosting.

Thanks to all our friends for coming and celebrating Sam.  And thanks to our parents and siblings for making the drive as well.  What a fun day!

Happy Birthday sung 3 times!!

Sam got candles and a birthday song at all three meals Saturday.  It was a little overkill, but he was having such a fun day I couldn't resist.

Breakfast at home

Lunch at his party

Dinner at Rosie's

Luke's Baptism

Luke was baptized yesterday at our church, Christ Pres.  We were so glad our parents and Aunt Bekah could be there...it was a special day!  After he was sprinkled Sam pronounced "Luke got baptized".  Good times...good times.


It's Friday

It's finally Friday.  I've absolutely loved having time alone with Luke, but I'm looking forward to seeing Sam this afternoon.  His birthday is this weekend and I'm can't wait for the festivities to begin.  So, what have we been up to these past few days?

I put Luke in the bouncy chair and couldn't figure out why he wouldn't bounce.  Is he as strong-willed as his mama?  Ron started playing the guitar and singing to him...he went crazy.  He bounced for half an hour.

I learned about a month ago that he was mobile enough that I had to start strapping him into things.  Yesterday while fixing his bottle I just did one strap...  here's what I found:  a little boy twisted around trying to eat his bouncy seat 'cause he was so hungry.

Day 4 of construction brought concrete blocks and sand; ooh!  thrilling stuff...  


Hot Springs, Arkansas - Days 3 and 4

Day 3 started out with snuggle time for Luke and Grandee.

We went on the Duck tour...you know, the land and water ride that is in every city so that tourists can be spotted a mile away.  Yep, that one.  Sam liked the boat part way better than riding on the streets.  Funny thing is, we had just spent time in a toy store where the store owner gave Sam a Thomas the Train Yearbook.  The yearbook is basically a catalog for everything Thomas and Friends.  He looked at that book almost the entire hour we were on the Duck... Oh well, at least we're adding memories.

Day 4 brought breakfast at IHOP.  Sam had his first-ever Smiley Face Pancake with cherries, cool whip, and chocolate chips.  As you can tell he loved it.

After breakfast, Ron and I hit the road with Luke heading back to Huntsville.  Over 7 hours later we arrived home; we already miss Sam and can't wait to see him Friday.