Family Golf

We went out and played a little golf as a family the other day.  The weather was gorgeous and we all got in on the action.  All of the kids can hit the ball good; Laney used the putter more like a broom and dragged the ball around until getting it in the hole.  Sam was focused and not giving up, while Luke decided it was too sunny for him and needed a break.  After walking 4 holes, we packed it up and went home to rest.


Soccer is about having fun...and twirling of course!

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Hanging with Pops at #2
Dr. Luke - Community Helper Day
Pops drove by and hopped out to visit - literally leaving his truck in the street.  ☺
Sam's friend, Chuck

Boy Scout Ceremony

Sam finished his year in scouting and had a great den leader...his dad!  I'm proud of both of them for all of their hard work.  And Pops even showed up in uniform to help celebrate...



Luke's field trip to Old Baker Farm

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My babies.
Painting nails.
Gardening with Pops.
Playing doctor at Mommy's work.
Keeping food from Pickles.
Mrs. Ryal's surprise party.
Reading the Bible to Pops.