a weekend in January

January 6-9 were busy. Ron left the afternoon of the 5th to fly down to Tampa, Florida. He and 5 other guys were running in the Ragnar Relays from Miami to Key West. 199 miles. 6 guys. It took them just under 22 hours. They averaged 6:37 per mile! wow...

In the meantime, I had some plans to redecorate our bedroom and surprise him when he came home. What was to be a small project for my step-dad (installing new closet doors), we ran into a few snags and took two days to complete. The opening was 1 1/2 inches off, so he had to tear down the trim, pull out some boards to open the space up, hang the doors, buy new trim with new measurements, and install. He also put a new ceiling fan in for me. He was going to help me by fixing our bathroom ceiling which had started peeling, but that project also ended up being more extensive, so we decided to put that off for another day.

The fun thing about all this is that he found the original boards used to build the house. Looks like our home was built in June of '63.

I also decided to cut about 10 inches off of my hair. Ron found out about it, even though it was supposed to be a surprise, and asked for pictures. I like it because I can go straight or curly depending on my mood. Both pictures were taken on my phone. The first one was taken by me while I was driving the car in Hoover. Big mistake!

My birthday was coming up on Monday, and Chuy's was having a birthday bash for Elvis on Sunday. So me and the kiddos went to an early dinner before heading to Sunday night church. They love Chuy's because they get a push-pop after their meal.

We decided to go see Ron at the airport Monday morning. He was flying in and going straight to work. We wanted to get a quick visit in instead of having to wait until the end of the day. Laney took a rest on the bench.

The kids were overjoyed when they saw their Daddy. (I was too...)

Here's a picture of Ron and his teammates. I've watched a few videos of their weekend together. A couple of these guys are crazy!

We had a nice evening at home that night. I got to open my birthday gift, which was a wooden bowl made by a friend. I love it!

cleaning up

it was time to clean up some Christmas decorations and laney wanted to help. I just love this picture because of her sweet face. i was standing on the ladder putting things in the attic; she was helping hand them to me.


iPhone images

i guess i'll start off the new year with some pictures from my camera. here's laney, wearing her boots and loving them.
sam and luke went to the barber shop for hair cuts. (we love the characters at plaza barber shop in cahaba heights.)

sam is multi-tasking. he wanted me to send this pic to ron to show off his hair cut, mcdonalds toy, and the hot wheels car that the guys at the barber shop gave him. definitely our "type-a" boy. :)

mustaches from their kids' meal

manners? who needs 'em...

awww!! this girl LOVES her daddy.

we got home from church and she put on one of luke's shoes and one of sam's. she has her own style for sure.