Laney's first day of ballet

Laney showed me her "stretch" move before we left for ballet.

We took a picture right before heading in to ballet.  I love that little smile of hers...where she squeezes her lips together tightly.

The girls meet in a sort of holding room until their instructor walks them to class.  She was biting her lip almost the whole time.  This is one of the first times I've ever seen her nervous.

I took these last two pictures through the door.  She didn't see me.  So sweet!

Pyro Pops

Here's just one more example of why the grandkids think Pops is so cool!  He put a propane tank into a solution of water and soap to blow propane-filled bubbles.  Then he put them on his hand and lit them on fire!  Yikes!  As soon as the propane burned off, the fire went out.  Didn't even singe the hairs on his hand.  Cool!!


1st Annual Frog Leg and Fish Fry

Since my mom loves frog legs, and my brother's girls will try anything, she decided we needed to have a good old time frying fish, frog legs, and hush puppies.  After trying them last night, I decided I'll let her keep her frog legs and I'll eat the fish and hush puppies.  They're not for me.  But the kids LOVED them.  Had seconds and thirds...
After dinner, they put on a play for us.  Pops helped them rehearse.  They acted out the story of Jesus' birth, which honestly felt a little weird to me since it's still 90 degrees outside and not Christmastime.  But it was precious.  And it's always beautiful seeing the gospel through your children's eyes. 

iPhone images

 Dancing with Daddy

Laney decorates her bag 

Hiding spot during our 30 minute carpool wait 


With the boys getting all the attention, Laney asked if I would take her picture.  Love that girl and her smile!

Luke's first days of school

Luke had a short orientation to K4 on Monday.  John, his buddy from MDO, is in his class.  They enjoyed playing together.

Luke's teacher is Mrs. Darden.  Unfortunately, she is recovering from surgery and won't be back for a few months.  So in the meantime, Julia Shirley will be his sub.  She appears to be wonderful!  Luke was so excited to get a real school bag just like his big brother.

Luke found his spot at his table on the first day of classes Wednesday.  He colored a heart for me and used his very own scissors to cut it out.  He's so proud of his school supplies.

I picked him up in the carpool line; he looks like such a big boy.  His escort to the car, TK teacher Mrs. Leonard, told me that their short conversation included him telling her "I had an awesome day!".  Sweet...

Sam's first days of school

Sam is in first grade this year.  So hard to believe!  His teacher is Chandra Ryals.  She is married to a Briarwood graduate that I knew growing up...small world.

He was escorted to the car after school by his previous K5 teacher, Miss Smith.

He loves having a desk and was ready to get to work on an assignment.  He didn't even look up to say goodbye.

We got together with the neighbors on our last day of summer to paint some shirts.  The kids had fun picking out stencils and paint colors, and the moms enjoyed filling up 45 minutes of the day with something to do.


Sunday School teachers

Ron and I have been teaching Sam's K5 sunday school class this summer.  We ended our quarter last week with a lesson on David and Goliath.  The kids enjoyed coloring in the huge drawing of Goliath.  I wish I had taken a picture of Goliath after they got done with him.  It was good stuff...

our little ballerina

ron took laney out on saturday to buy her ballet gear.  while they were on a date, i was with the boys at a birthday party.  she was so excited to get her shoes, tights, and leotard!

cousin Kole's birthday

Kole had a fun birthday party at the mall last week.  All the kids enjoyed playing at the Lego store, eating Chick-Fil-A, then topping the fun off with a carousel ride.


Luke's Tomato Plant

Luke was given some tomato plant seeds at the drop-in nursery a few months ago.  He has watered it and watched it grow.  It's turning red now and he's so excited!


we're getting healthy

i started jillian michaels' 90 day body revolution last week.  i really like it so far!  she gives you the option of doing a "jumpstart" program the first 7 days which includes only 12 menu items to pick from for the whole week as well as 2 video workouts a day.  i did it and survived (and lost a few pounds as well).  now i'm on the normal plan with just one video a day.  the kids got in to working out as well.  after i finished my video, they put in their dance/cardio video that grandee gave them.  it was awesome!