Luke - 4 months

Our sweet Luke Ronald turned 4 months old today...


It's over...

We closed on our house today...sigh...  We were glad the buyer didn't change his mind; that was a small fear of ours.  It's finally over and we can move on.

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and continued prayers.  We love you all!
Sam got his new bicycle.  We promised him one as soon as we moved, so it was waiting on him when he got back from Birmingham.  He isn't so sure about the bicycle, but boy does he love the helmet!!!

He wears it during his meals...

He wears it on long walks with daddy...

He even wears it while riding in the car...

I'm glad my kid is interested in safety.  And I promise I didn't stage any of these pictures!!  ☺


Home, sweet, almost home

Last night was our first night in our rental house...
Sam and Luke were in Birmingham this past weekend while Ron and I worked our tails off getting moved in.  Big shout-out to Pops and B for taking care of them.  We wanted this house to be as normal as possible when they got home; there are about 3 boxes left in our room and 4 left in the kitchen.  Other than that we're completely moved in.  Ron's even mowed the grass already.  Sam walked in and ran to his room and said "Wowzers!"  (Aunt Bekah taught him that)  He has told me many times already that he loves his new house and loves the carpet.  :)  So we'll enjoy this for 6 months or so while our house is under construction and then we'll welcome Philley Move # 11!!!!!  That'll be the last move for us for quite a while...


First time in the Johnny-Jumper

Pops suggested we stick Luke in the Johnny-Jumper tonight.  Well, to my surprise his head didn't flop around too much.  I wouldn't say he loved it, but he didn't hate it.  He managed to spin around and jump a little before getting tired.

funny sam

Sam is enamored with Feist's video 1,2,3,4.  He watches it on the computer a few times each day.  Yesterday he decided he wanted to wear his Spider-Man sunglasses while watching.

This morning I went to the den to hand Sam his chocolate milk and I found him watching TV upside-down.  Seriously, where does he get these ideas?

Got milk?

While patiently waiting for his bottle, Luke gnawed on his entire hand at one point.  If you look closely, you can see drool on his shirt and a huge drop of it hanging from his hand.  Yuck...


Luke - 3 months

We took Luke to Target for his 3-month pictures at the end of August...

I love 'em...

Me and my boys after church today in their matching shirts.  One selfish reason I wouldn't mind having a girl is to dress her up and put bows in her hair.  Obviously I'm not going to put bows in the boys' hair, but I'm definitely dressing them up!  I think 2 brothers in matching outfits are just as cute (if not cuter) than a girly girl.  ☺


Busy week of packing

It's been a busy week of packing and tying up loose ends with our new place.  We've decided to rent a house in the Hampton Cove area while we build.  Yep, we're building.  We had such a short time to find the perfect house before leaving this one, so we decided we'd make our own perfect house that we would NEVER leave.  :)  Seriously, we've committed to living at our new home for at least 15 years, but I think we'll be there even longer than that...

On a lighter note Sam's new face of interest is his angry face...

He was watching "The Rescuers Down Under" and was a little scared of the man on the movie at one point.  So I told him that was his angry face and Sam's been practicing for a week now.  He can only hold it for so long before we all start laughing.


FREE Museum Day

The Smithsonian is offering free admission to any participating museum for you and a guest at their website http://microsite.smithsonianmag.com/museumday/  I just printed out my coupon, which means that Ron and I can take both boys to the Space and Rocket Center and pay absolutely nothing.  The only catch is that this is only offered Saturday September 27.  There are hundreds of museums participating all over the U.S., so go to www.smithsonian.com/museumday to check your area.


I got a perm...

Please forgive me for this picture not being good...I took it myself and have almost no makeup on.  But, you get the idea.  I got a perm today; really more of a wave.  And thank you Amanda for babysitting my littlest; I owe you.  My mom wanted me to post a picture so she could see what it looks like.  This pic is also for some of you Christ Pres. girls who didn't think I would follow through.  (I've been saying I'm gonna' do this for months now.)  When I went to my hairstylist, I told her I wanted my hair to look hot and stylish like all those women out in Hollywood...ha ha, she did what she could considering what she had to work with.  :)  My goal is to be able to wash it and do NOTHING...I hope it works.

Luke Laughs

Ron got Luke giggling last night.  Unfortunately his laughter was hyphenated with hiccups, so you don't get a continuous giggle.  I think he was frustrated: he wanted to laugh, but those darn hiccups kept getting in the way.


Sunday Night Dinner

Thanks to the Schnorrenbergs we went to a last minute dinner with friends Sunday night.  It was so nice!!!  I just LOVE our friends...  Scott cooked some of the best ribs we've ever had and we enjoyed all the food and fellowship.  Here are a few pictures Amy captured:


Bumbo Seat

We introduced Luke to the Bumbo seat today.  In case you don't know about this, it's supposed to help the baby learn how to support themselves in a seated position.  Luke let us know what he though about it during the 2 minutes he sat in the seat...
"Hey, this is fun.  I'm sitting up."

"Not as much fun now.  My head is getting heavy."

"I can't do it anymore.  Someone rescue me!"