first few days of school

Sam took a picture at orientation with his teacher, Mrs. Gillon.

Luke was happy to have Mrs. Shirley again this year, since she moved up to K5!

Laney didn't want a picture with her teacher on the first day.  But she warmed up to her quickly.



Laney and Pops.  Such a sweet moment.

Luke after burning his fingers grabbing a sparkler.  He fell asleep with the icepack on his hand.  Pitiful...

Luke and Laney climbed up on Pops' truck.  I love this picture!

Sam's special prize from his good friend, Dr. Peter.  Thank you, Dr. Peter!

Laney came outside to play in the water and I realized just how fast she is growing up.

Luke, Laney, and Pops.

Pickles' first color job.  He is such a cool dog!

Ron and I enjoyed a round of golf sans kids.  It was awesome!

Tennessee Vacation

Our annual trip to Sevierville is the highlight of the year.  The kids love going to the Wyndham resort and playing at the indoor and outdoor water parks.  There were new things to check out this year, and we all had fun.  The boys finally tried surfing this year.  They loved it!

We went to the outlets and each got a new pair of Crocs.  Love them!

The kids really enjoyed the amusement park type rides at the resort...

And of course, nighttime brought bathtime.  Crazy.

iPhone images

McWane Science Center

McWane hosted a "rocket day" of sorts this summer and the kids had so much fun.  They loved making rockets out of construction paper and shooting them in the sky.  Travis from "Rocket City Rednecks" was there and was very entertaining.

Good 'ole Ronald McDonald was even there!  Luke especially loved that since his middle name is Ronald.  He actually calls himself Luke Ronald McDonald Philley every once in a while...

Before leaving, the kids got to play dress up in the photo area...

July 4th

The fourth of July was celebrated a little differently this year.  Since the cousins moved to Madison, we had our annual parade with a couple of families from church.  We didn't do much decorating, but still managed to have fun.  The kids are still a little scared of the loud fireworks, as evidenced by the looks on their faces in the last picture.

Happy Birthday, America.  I pray God continues to bless you...

Laney's actual birthday...

I realized I only posted pictures from Laney's party, not her actual birthday.  We met the cousins at IHOP the morning of the 17th since Laney shares a birthday with her cousin, Anne Madison.  It was so fun to get together in the morning, before bad moods and tired kids emerged.  Then of course, we went to Chuy's for dinner.  It was a great day of celebration!!



I got to the airport one summer day around noon planning to land in Boston at 5:20 eastern time too see my friend, Stacey.  I loaded and unloaded the plane three times before they finally figured out that the hydraulic system on the brakes didn't work!  Yikes!!  We would have landed ok, but we wouldn't have stopped.  During the 6 hours it took them to figure this out, I made my way to the airport hangout a couple of times...if you know what I mean.

I was excited to finally be getting on a different plane that would take me to visit Stacey in Boston.

My day caught up with me around midnight during a layover and I was ready to be there!

I had a nice visit with Stacey and her friends Friday night at dinner.  After that, we went to her friend's rooftop (which just happens to be across the street from Fenway) and enjoyed nice conversations and a pool with color-changing lights.  Loved it!

iPhotos and Instagrams

Plain funny!

Who knew Target didn't open until 8?... we hung out until the doors were unlocked.

Sam's version of the Yeti (from riding Everest at Disney).


Catching a summer movie

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture.  We were at Riverchase Automotive and Laney had been chatting it up with Ricky.  He had to step away to go do something and she decided to pull up a chair and wait on him to get back.

Those are some scary looking critters.

Oh Rosie's, we've missed you.