Luke in his walker

This video is mostly for the grandparents... so you can see just how good Luke's getting at walking.  


Our last 24 hours

The last 24 hours has been full of ups and downs... it's not something I can't handle,  just a lot of drama.  To sum it up, Sam's had a lot of attitude with me and has regressed in his potty abilities.  My hands have been full.  But we've managed to have some fun sprinkled in between the discipline and multiple clothes-changes.

I can't fully explain what's happening in this picture other than boys being boys.  Sam was playing on his red chair and Luke took advantage of it.  Luke kept hitting and grabbing Sam's bottom; it was pretty funny.

Luke has started to enjoy playing in his room.  He'll stay in there a half hour or so and make his way around the room to play with his different toys.  I have to keep an eye on him, because he's also good at trying to stand but instead pulling things down on himself.  He's already pulled our heavy iron magazine rack on himself 3 times.  Whoops! I'm a horrible mom...  (kidding)

Priceless broken-tooth smile.  I love it!!

Sam's Toy Story doll Woody came with a small guitar.  Sam likes to pick it up and play and sing for me.  Here he was singing "You are my Sunshine".

Ron got some sand to fill in the holes in our yard.  Who would have known it would attract the neighborhood kids?  At one point there were 6 kids around the pile...


More results are in

Luke at the eye doctor...
Luke had his eye appointment today and everything looks normal.  The doctor said that the reading his pediatrician got was a false-positive and his eyes look great after more extensive tests.  He had to get his eyes dilated... poor guy.  His eyes were so big!  But I'm glad he's fine and won't be needing glasses for now.


Grocery Cart time

Luke rode in the front of a buggy for the first time today.  Sam and his dog Buddy had fun in the back, what he refers to as "the big part".  I took this picture in the parking lot right when Luke got in.  As you can tell, he's interested in checking things out.

By the time we finished up at Target, Luke's looking at me like "Come on, Mom, this is so boring... Can we go eat pizza or something?"


I went to get Luke from his nap and here is what I found.  I laughed out loud, then I had to run and grab the camera.  Poor little guy acts like he's in jail or something...


Sam, Luke and Jackson

Grandee bought the three boys coordinating outfits to get some pictures.  How funny was that!  This first picture says it all.  Sam sitting pretty, Luke all over the place, and Jackson a little quiet and scared.

Luke was pulling Sam's hair in this picture...

Oh, a good one...

Jackson started crying; he had enough of it! ☺

Adorable teeth! Precious smile!

Luke's first victim

We've joked about it, but Luke beat up his first victim this weekend.  His 2 month old cousin Jackson happened to have gotten an eye-poking and face-slapping from Luke.  I'm sure Luke was just being curious, but it came across a little bit differently...  

The boys after church

26 weeks and counting...

Just thought I'd give a quick update.  I'm 26 weeks now and my belly is sure sticking out.  Something different during this pregnancy: curly hair.  It just started curling up a few weeks ago and that definitely didn't happen with my last two pregnancies.  I have 3 months left and hope I can make it without being too much of a grouch... I'm so tired already!  


Results are in

hey everyone...

for those of you who have been asking, my labwork results are in and i'm just fine.  no gestational diabetes here... praise the Lord.

another praise: the two things that Luke couldn't do at his appointment last week (sitting unsupported and pulling up to a standing position) he can now do.  ron said if only we'd put his visit off a week we wouldn't have had to worry about the idea that he was developmentally delayed...  

thanks for your prayers and encouragement.  


Saturday at the playground

Warm weather brings new spring clothes

I bought these clothes on clearance before Luke was even born.  He finally got to wear them today and I have to admit he looks very handsome.  Luke also got pizza today for the first time...like every other food he has tasted he loved it!  ☺

modeling his new shirt and shorts

Backpack time

Sam and Pierson were both looking stylish in their backpacks yesterday at church.  So I couldn't resist some pictures.  They LOVE going up and down the stairs...


This week's uncertainties

(just added this photo for those of you who requested it... the plane jane shade)

I have friends over in the Ukraine pursuing adoption right now as we speak, so complaining about my week seems so trivial.  But still, I've had a week that has brought a few uncertainties my way and I feel challenged.

My first challenge of the week was barely even a challenge, but still worth mentioning.  I bought a lamp shade that I was in love with.  I even texted Ron to tell him about how awetastic it was (you'll only get that if you watch "How I Met Your Mother")...anyway.  He came home from work, looked at it, and asked me if I was kidding.  Oh man...here we go again with Ron and I having very different styles.  I took it back because it was obvious he wasn't letting me keep it.  I sent him a text two days later after buying a replacement.  The text read "Hey Ron- I just picked up a normal, plain, boring, traditional lamp shade for our lamp." His reply: "Sounds like I'm gonna' love it!"  ...And he did.

Luke had his 9 month check-up this week.  Here are the four things I heard from the doctor within just a few minutes: developmentally delayed, eczema is bad, double ear infection (again), and unfavorable vision.  I waited until I got to the car to cry.  The eczema and ear infection can be treated with meds which is good.  The whole idea that Luke is developmentally delayed because he's not sitting steadily or pulling up to a standing position on his own is a little harder to take.  But he'll catch up.  Ron's exact words (more or less) was that it was horse-pooey.  But the vision thing.  I stressed out with Sam's eye issues; I can't imagine a 9 month old getting glasses.  We go to the eye doctor in 3 weeks, so I'll keep you updated on what she says.  She's pretty conservative, so unless it's bad I don't think he'll be wearing glasses right away.

Then I had my 24 week pre-natal visit.  I failed my tests.  (My funny husband tried cheering me up by asking me if I forgot to study...you're too much Ronzo)  My iron was low showing I was anemic.  My glucose levels were high showing a possibility for gestational diabetes.  I go back next week for a 3-hour test at the hospital lab.  Ugh!  I hope to pass next week with flying colors...

I feel better getting all that out.  Blogging is such good therapy!  ☺


A family picture

My friend Amanda came over one Sunday and took some pictures of our family.  This is probably my favorite...  Thanks so much Amanda!  I'll cherish these pictures.


Luke sat up for bathtime tonight.  Good for you, Luke.  You're growing up!


No, no Luke

This morning was a small milestone for Luke.  He did something that required correction and I think he actually knew what I was saying.  I usually have his exer-saucer by the window in the den so he can look out the window if he wants.  Today he started grabbing on the blinds for the first time...  when I said (in a sweet voice of course) "No, no Luke" he looked at me and grabbed again.  That little stinker...


special lunch

My sweet friend Dana had a blessings lunch for Ashley yesterday.  (My sweet mom came from Birmingham to babysit while I went - thanks Mom)  We had a great time visiting and encouraging Ashley as she prepares for motherhood.  My advice to Ashley: don't feel like you're a horrible mom on those days when your kids get on your nerves.  Unfortunately it happens, no matter how much you love them.  ☺

Sarah, Kelly, me, Dana, Ashley, Katherine, Dawn

Luke at 9 months!

this weekend...

Sam and I got out this morning for a few minutes to look at the snow.  He enjoyed it as long as it wasn't hitting him in the face.  Once that happened he was ready to go inside.

The boys were hanging out in Sam's room last night.