Celebrating in Montgomery

We drove to Montgomery after church Sunday morning so we could celebrate Luke's birthday with Ron's family. Freddie and Christine were visiting Rebekah and her family, so we enjoyed a nice little visit. Luke surprised me and ate all the frosting on his cupcake. That's a new thing.
He couldn't seem to blow out the candles. His big brother helped him out...

Laney enjoyed the cupcakes as well.

Where's Waldo?

Cool idea!! Anna, wanna' go get one? ☺

Farmer's Market Co-op

So I joined a co-op with some church friends. Each member puts in $10 and 2 members take the $120 and shop for some deals. Erin and I were the first team to go; we got so much stuff! Read below to see what each person got...

The bag of plums were delicious! And the sweet potato fries I made were great. I ended up not frying them in oil, but baking them. I tossed them in olive oil then in a House Seasoning recipe I found on Paula Deen's site. Yummy stuff!

Sam's last day of school

Sam was sad to be leaving Mrs. Darden and his classmates. He said she asked them if they were excited about being in K5 next year with a new teacher. Sam told me all the kids cheered, except for him. "I'm not excited, Mom. I guess that means I love Mrs. Darden more than my friends."
Here is the class, just before dismissal. They had a Hawaiian party and seemed to have fun.

We are planning on having a fun summer, full of fun outings, trips to the library, and reading a lot. Sam loves to read and plans on getting a medal when he gets back to school in August. Kindergarten, here were come!


FEMA cleaned up some of our stuff, just what was close to the road. The rest?...Ron and Pops had to push it forward to the road. They worked hard, really hard. After hours of work and sweat they got it close enough for FEMA to get it their next time around. Now if we could just get all of our huge stumps taken care of...


Community Yard Sale

Our Sunday School class hosted a yard sale in hopes to raise money for the Sav-a-Life baby shower we're having at the end of the summer. What a turnout!! We made some big bucks and managed to have lots of fun.
The funniest part of the day was when a shopper commented on our good CD collection. Josh noticed she was holding up a U2 CD and said "That's a good CD. I have that at home." His wife cringed a bit. As she realized she forgot to have him go through the stuff before she donated it, he was realizing that most of his CD's were in the pile. He bought them back! ☺


Luke's last day of MDO

Today was Luke's last day of MDO and all the "Two's" had a water party. The last 30 minutes of class time was spent outside on their playground playing in sprinklers. They were so adorable!!

I think a few of the boys wore themselves out...

Laney's last day of MDO

Today was Laney's last day of MDO. She had a pizza party with her class and posed for a picture with her loving teachers, Kaki and Shelly. She has started making a cheesy face when you pull out the camera, as noted below and on the previous obstacle course post. She does a crooked thing with her teeth and tightly closes her right eye (sometimes left as well). Love it!

Obstacle Course

I heard all kinds of racket the other night and went downstairs to find my kiddos running through obstacles. Ron had created a course for them and they were having oodles of fun.
They had to go up and down 5 times on the teeter-totter...
They had to weave in and out of bean bags...
and of course shimmy through the tunnels...

Summer Birthday

Last Friday, Luke's MDO class celebrated the kids who were having summer birthdays. I peeked in on the party and took a few pictures.This is Luke's friend, Jaime.
And these are Luke's amazing teachers: Allison and Erica. They adore Luke and he adores them!


Meet Pickles

So this will be our new addition in a few weeks. Our kids have named him Pickles. He's a mali-poo and is only a few weeks old in this picture. We can't wait to meet him!


iPhone images

Sam and I enjoyed a little mid-day date at Menchie's. He had cookies n cream and I had raspberry pomegranate sorbet. Good stuff!I noticed Sam lifting his arm out of the corner of my eye. When I came out from the kitchen I found that he had put his arm around Laney. I love the children's tenderness towards each other.
We ran 2 hours worth of errands the other day and Luke just couldn't take any more. At one point, after walking in to King Cotton, he laid on their doormat and said "I'm tired, Mommy".

Luke, Laney and I went to a friend's birthday party this past Saturday while Sam and Ron were attending another party. The Inverness fire station has a picnic site and playground, so it's the perfect place for a party.
Ron was pushing Laney in the swing at the Crawfish Boil the other night. I told Laney to smile big and this is what I got...
She likes to find odd ways to use our stool.


clean up time

The nice guys at Cornerstone Restoration came to clean up our trees last weekend. The kids enjoyed watching...

We took a family walk around the neighborhood and saw trees lining the streets along with tarps covering rooftops.

We were excited when the tree came off the roof. We're on our way to getting it fixed now.

The power company even came out and cut the trees down away from the power lines.

And the kids have some unconventional things to play on now. We have to watch out for the big holes, but under close supervision climbing on tree roots is quite fun!

my new tote

so i finally finished the purse i was working on, thanks to"noodlehead". i bought the pdf pattern from her after realizing i couldn't duplicate it on my own. my favorite part are all the pockets...
...and maybe my personalized labels i ordered from "it's mine!".