missing the babysitter...

Here are the boys watching the babysitter as she left this morning. Kayla, my boys love you!


sunday clothes

this is about as preppy as we'll get around here... luke isn't pictured because he decided a nap was more important. ☺


Fun Run

Several weeks back we decided we'd let Sam participate in a 1-mile fun run. We talked it up and he and Ron practiced running in the neighborhood. Even though he'd been sick earlier in the week, he really wanted to run. So yesterday we headed out to the old airport for the race. The turnout was amazing. Sam's age group ran at 4pm and it consisted of pre-K and Kindergarden boys.

Here's Ron (in the blue scrubs) running with Sam at the starting line.

And just a few minutes later, Sam dropped out of the race. He didn't feel good. He's saying "Don't" in this picture...as in "Don't take a picture of me, Mom". As Becky would say: Mom:1, Sam:0. I'll always win out when it comes to picture-taking.
Hopefully next time we go Sam will be healthy leading up to the race. No excuses. He'll be able to finish and be happy with what he accomplished.

couch potatoes


2 of my 3 kids are crying now.
Sam stopped crying right before the other two started. How kind of him.
I guess I'm off to console my babies...


(pictures from Portrait Innovations)



Luke enjoys rubbing Laney on her back. (He will actually rub anyone's back at any given time, but he especially loves Laney bug...) While doing it, he sweetly says "Ohhhh..." Even though this picture is blurry, it has him in the act of saying "ohh" so I just had to post it.

Laney - 3 months


We met a friend from MDO to play at the indoor playground KidVenture. It was fun for the boys but a little too hectic for me as I was keeping an eye out for Laney and trying to keep Luke from hurting himself. I probably won't do it again anytime soon, but it was still a fun outing.

our nanny's perspective

these pictures were taken from pops' camera, aka "the nanny".

there's just something fun about playing in the back of a pickup truck.



dancing at El Olmeca

We went to El Olmeca tonight for some cheap Mexican food. Although this first picture is bad technically speaking, it gives you an idea of how Luke broke some hearts. Check out the lady smiling at him beyond the patio door in the background.

Luke made his way out on the dance floor and danced to his heart's content. Priceless!

Notice in the last picture that he even tapped those feet to the music...

our weekend in Mississippi

We went to Clinton, MS this weekend to visit with the Philleys. Freddie turned 60 so we all made our way over to celebrate. Rebekah and her son Jackson came too. The three boys had so much fun together. And of course, Laney had fun being held in loving arms.

Luke had a blast sliding down Pappy's chair

Ron and Jackson shared some sweet one-on-one time

Baba Dee and Aunt Debo came in from Louisiana for a short visit


i refuse to call laney my little princess in hopes to avoid giving her a princess-complex. i usually call her my sweetheart. that being said, here's my little princess. ☺


playtime with pops

Dave is working in Huntsville again for a while. I told him tonight that we love him as a person but we especially love him as our nanny. ha ha. He jokes about being the kids' nanny; he's the best nanny we could ask for because he loves the kids to death and we don't have to pay a dime for his services. Here are a few pictures from the boys hanging out with their Pops...

Luke is so accident-prone. Here he is showing off his newest boo-boo.

Sam's just sitting pretty, enjoying being with Pops...

I don't know what Luke was saying here, but by the look on his face and finger-pointing he must have been giving us an earful.


SEC cuteness!

Can you believe they're all looking at the camera?