Thanksgiving in Birmingham

We spent a couple of days in Birmingham for Thanksgiving.  As usual the food and fellowship was great and the cousins had a good time.  Even Luke got in on a little tickle action...

The kids ALWAYS want tattoos when we come to town, so here is the result.  Sam's feet are so ticklish that all he ended up with was half of a circle.

I'm rather proud of the turkey I did for Anne Madison.  Not too long ago the girls wanted a pink flamingo; they ended up with a four-legged flamingo because I sorta' forgot flamingos only have two legs.  Look, it's a turkey with 2 legs; what a success!

Right before lunch the kids sat at their table and prayed...what a sweet moment.

Fun times under the blanket.

Thanks to B and Pops for hosting us.  We had a great time.  We love you!

Easy home-made ornaments

My sister-in-law told me about this cute idea...  Get a box of a dozen glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby (on sale for $2.60 this week) and squirt about 5 or 6 drops of paint in them.  Put the lid back on the ornament and shake.  We've used a bunch of different colors and have quite the assortment.


Happy Birthday Ron!

Sam and I collaborated together and made a Wordle for Ron's birthday today.  When I asked Sam what he loved about his daddy, he said a few funny things.  I couldn't leave them out, as silly as they might have seemed.  We love you Ron...  have a great day!


IKEA was fun...

Here's an update for those of you who care...  (all 2 of you)  :)

IKEA was fun...my Mom was pretty amazed.  I spent very little money which made Ron happy.  And I still came home with a few unique treasures.  I love their eclectic style!  I'm already looking forward to going again.  It was a fun trip but a long day.  I ended up spending about 7 hours in the car Saturday, so I was exhausted by the time I got home.

My favorite purchase was this stuffed elephant I got Sam for Christmas.  He told his dad not long ago he'd rather be an elephant than a tiger, so I guess it's time I stop pushing Auburn on him...  Luke is pictured with it just for added cuteness.


IKEA, here I come

My mom and I are going to IKEA in Atlanta Saturday and I'm so excited!  If you've never been to one, you need to check it out.  They have an old-school cafeteria that sells really good food...I'm already craving their cinnamon rolls.

Last time I went without Ron I came home with about 8 items.  He only let me put 2 of them in the house.  The others are stuck in storage.  Trust me though, that red locker will be put to use soon.  :)

I hope this trip is a little more successful...


This is how I roll

Just chillin'

Getting momentum

Here comes the action

Finished result


funny story...

I drove by the house today to check on the progress.  When I got there, the workers were taking a break for lunch.  As I looked more closely to give them a wave, I noticed they had a couple of microwaves sitting on top of our huge electrical box to heat up lunch.  It made me laugh...


That's baby #3's due date...June 25th.  Ron and I went for the 8 week ultrasound today and we got to see the little peanut.  The heartbeat was strong at 160 bpm.  Praise the Lord for this miracle!


Fall Family Pictures

Yesterday morning we met the Browns and Schnorrenbergs at Maple Hill Cemetary for some Fall pictures.  We took turns taking family pictures for each other in front of the beautiful trees.  I just love this picture of Sam and Luke.  Amy took it just before Luke started falling over.  :)

This is Sam with his sweet friend Virginia.  They always take the sweetest pictures together.  Sam was trying a little too hard this time and his smile while saying "cheese" looks a tad bit scary.


Friday night

We had some good family time last night.  Ron was home by around 4 so we went to an early dinner at Bridge Street and Sam got to ride the carousel.  The evening at home was followed by Sam and Ron taking turns rolling each other into blanket burritos.


Fun with friends

Sam just loves his friend Pierson.  He talks about him all the time.  It's an added bonus that when the boys play, Amanda and I get to catch up too.

Today we met the Moyers at the playground for a while then came back to our house for lunch and cupcake decorating.  I don't know if the boys had more fun eating and decorating cupcakes or playing with trains and Toy Story characters.  We had fun just the same...

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Sunday was a whirlwind of a day for me.  My emotions were all over the place, but someone told me I can't blame it on being pregnant.  (Just between me and you, I blame it on being pregnant.)  :)

We bought Luke a new mattress at WalMart Sunday night after he slept a total of 50 minutes the whole day.  This was great news to Sam because the old mattress soon had a new use: his own slide.  

Ron took Sam outside for more bike lessons.  Sam insisted Ron wear his helmet too.

This picture was taken in the very late afternoon when I was trying desperately to get Luke to sleep.  I put him in Sam's bed so I could play with Sam.  Sam hopped up there to be with his little brother and they looked so precious.  It didn't last long.  Luke shook his head at one point and he and Sam butted heads.  Both boys started crying and the fun was temporarily over.


Anna, my friend from Birmingham, came to visit this weekend.  We had a good time just being girls: shopping at Bridge Street, pedicures, eyebrow waxing (ouch).  Thanks for coming Anna; it was fun!


Halloween 2008

Halloween activities were divided by me and Ron this year.  Ron took Sam trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and Anna and I took Sam to Whitesburg's Fall Festival.  Sam dressed up as Thomas the Tank Engine.

The Fall Festival was so adorable.  It reminded me of when I used to love playing the games at Briarwood's Fall Festival growing up.

This was the funniest moment of the night.  The lady explained to Sam where to stand and how to throw a ring on the coke bottles.  He said "Okay" and just walked right up to the bottle and put the ring on.  

Tate Farms

We went to Tate Farms Thursday and Sam was such a big boy.  Last year he didn't want to pet animals or jump in the corn, but this year he was running around doing everything.

As you can tell, he learned from the big kids that it would be fun to bury himself in corn.

And he climbed the tire mountain with the big boys.

He LOVED this cow.  He talked about her for days.