a quick trip

our entire family left for huntsville this morning to pick up a little something.  we met mark and his son, justin out in the woods (literally).

the kids thoroughly enjoyed running around.  i love these pictures...i think because it shows just how carefree the kids were; just having fun running like crazy.

and of course we hit up rosie's...we couldn't pass it up as close as we were.  it had been 2 1/2 years since we had eaten at rosie's as a family and it was just as wonderful as i remembered...

at one point laney was dancing in her seat.  she proclaimed to ron and i that she was "a robot ballerina".

after it was all said and done, ron got his new toy and is already at the camp hunting... hopefully i will be eating a big fat turkey on easter sunday.  ☺

iPhone images

My sweet girl got her costume this week for her first ballet recital.  Here she is trying it on for me and Ron.  Just look at how proud she is...

Laney takes art on Tuesday mornings before MDO.  Mrs. Belinda said that she helps her set things up.  I took a quick pic before leaving.  Laney made sure that the paint brushes were situated perfectly at each seat.  Oh...this is EXACTLY how I was when I was her age!  Scary...

These are a few of "my kids" from the nursery after their Easter egg hunt.  I still work at the church nursery on Thursdays and I love these kids more and more as time goes by...

Mississippi Children's Museum

a day in the country...

For Spring Break we packed the car and went to visit the Philleys in Mississippi.  We couldn't pass up a day trip to Baba Dee's house in rural Louisiana while we had the time. The ladies were sweet enough to have set up an Easter egg hunt while there.  The kids enjoyed time with a few cousins they usually only see at Christmas.

You may remember last time we went to Enterprise the ferry was closed.  Not this time.  The kids got to ride the ferry across the river...something Ron did almost every weekend when he was a kid.  It was the best $1 we spent the whole day!

a busy Saturday

Several weeks back we went to a "Cinderella and Friends" character breakfast at the high school before the boys' two soccer games.  It made for a busy day.  But Laney loved the breakfast.  She had her picture taken with Cinderella...of course.

She even met the "fairy godmother"...

But out of everyone she met, the evil stepmother and stepsisters were her favorite!

Luke's game was next on the docket and he thoroughly enjoyed his first game as a Briarwood soccer player!  (Notice proud Daddy in the background.)

At one point he ran so hard that one of his cleats came off.  Ron started to run to the rescue, but instead his coach helped out.  Coach Johnson and I played soccer back in the day together...in the mid-80's.  Wow!!!  That makes me feel so old!

The after-game snack is definitely a favorite among the kids.  Luke couldn't decide what was most important...so he's holding his water, juice box, and cheez-its all at once.

And Laney, who refused to change out of her Snow White apparel, played on the sidelines with bare feet and a sports drink of her own.

Ron and I were a little nervous when it came time for Sam's game.  He is anti-soccer at this point...but a commitment is a commitment... right?  I caught this picture right after he scored his first goal!  He was at the right place at the right time with a good kick.  He sure needed that boost!

Both boys were playing at the same time (within 30 minutes of each other) so I was taking pictures between the two of them.


Backyard Bluebird

Awww...my sweet kids playing in the sand together.

Sam's coming to show me his handful of sand.

He's starting to look a littly sly.

 This is where I told him "Turn right back around.  I know exactly what you're up to."