Christmas Day

My family came over for lunch on Christmas day...it ended up being a wonderful, laid back visit.  We moved the party up a few hours thinking we were going to have bad weather.  Instead of everyone having to rush home, we enjoyed the afternoon together.  It was great!

My brother had us all laughing out loud with all the pictures he took on his phone.  These are just a few of them...

I love how Sam is not paying a bit of attention to what's going on behind him; he's just excited to show off the Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo Angry Birds.

My brother and SIL gave each of my kids a special keychain.  Luke was happy to get a camera...

And of course, time with the cousins wouldn't be complete without the girls spending time together alone.  ♡



We went to the 5pm Christmas Eve service at church.  Laney was so tired that she fell asleep in my arms...

I set the stockings out and couldn't wait for the kids to see them on Christmas morning.  Stockings were special  when I was a kid.  So I want my kids to love their stockings every year.

The kids came in Christmas morning and were ready to go...after needing a few minutes to wake up.

Laney's Ballet Program

Laney had a small performance the other day at ballet.  Her first recital will be in the Spring, but this little event was for parents and grandparents to see just what our girls have been learning.  They start off saying a prayer at every class...praying that God will make them holy and kind (or something like that) ☺

Here is where the teacher told them to pose for pictures...

They did an adorable routine to "Mr. Santa" (tune of Mr. Sandman).  So cute!


While we were at the Philley's house the other weekend I finally took a picture of Ron and Rebekah as kids.  Sam and Laney look so much like Ron and Bekah...it's crazy!  My sweet Luke doesn't have much Philley in him...he's all Banks.

I made matching pajamas for all the grandkids.  We got a sweet picture of them together just before bed.


Christmas in Louisiana

We always have such a good time getting together in rural Louisiana at Baba Dee's house.  We stopped in Mississippi and spent the night with the Philleys before heading to the country.

Laney and Carol Ann enjoyed picking up acorns...

The great-grandkids played Candy Land with Webb.

Uncle Big Mac got the kids together for a race.  The word on the street was that no one wanted to race after the first few times because "the Philleys are beating everyone".

Of course, they had to romp around in the field and jump on cousin Clay.  Laney even got in on the action.

And sweet Baba Dee had many gifts to open.  Sam stayed close by her side; he loves her so much and is always looking out for her.

Sam has a book full of blank faces and he uses stickers to turn them into whatever he wants.  He thought to use them on himself and it made for a funny picture.

Laney with her teachers, Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Barby.

Church Christmas Program

Sam, Luke, and Laney had their church choir program a couple of weeks ago.  I love these pictures of Sam:  he's looking for us, then he found us, then he forgot we were watching him and that sweet face of his zoned out.

Laney isn't old enough to be in the choir, but the K4 choir teacher is letting her stick around because she's so attentive and obedient.  Other moms have tried this, resulting in their kids being asked to wait until they are old enough, so keep it on the DL...  :)


iPhone images

I love that sweet face!

I rarely leave Pickles loose in the house, but when I do this is how I find him when I come home.  He loves laying on Luke's bed looking out the window.

Laney decided she needed to wear my glasses to read the "constructions"

A friend of mine has a pool table with Auburn cue balls...Love it!!

I started to take this picture while Luke was looking away.  I love how he turned towards me right as I was snapping the shot...

A little birthday party for three...out in the woods.  42 acres of fun!

Laney grabbed a bucket and went exploring.  She laid out her loot in perfection.

The kids enjoy laying on the ottoman while watching TV.

Laney decided her water bottle would be a great tree ornament.