He slept through the night!

He did it!  He slept through the night and it was glorious.  After feeding him at 8:15 and putting him to bed around 9 he slept until 5am.  I heard him stirring at 4:45 and was amazed and thrilled he'd lasted through the night.  Let's hope Sam's potty-training goes as easy as Luke's night-time sleeping.  Pray for us...  :)

Sam's vacation

Sam got back last night from his wonderful weekend with Pappy and Grandee in Clinton, Mississippi.  He had so much fun...almost as much as his grandparents!  :)
Sam and Pappy played soccer outside until they just couldn't handle the heat anymore; they came in for a quick snack of bananas then got back to having more fun.
Grandee said Sam swung for the longest time!
Sunday night they went to watch a minor league baseball game between Jackson and Chattanooga.  He got a couple of souvenirs: the coveted foam hand and the team's mascot "Jackson".
Before heading back to Huntsville, they went to a museum Monday morning.  There was a dinosaur exhibit...you guessed it, another souvenir.  He came home with a rather interesting little dinosaur.

We all enjoyed the weekend.  Sam and the Philleys had some wonderful time bonding while Ron and I enjoyed time with Luke.  Thank you, Grandee and Pappy, for showing Sam such a great time.  We love you!!


Time with Luke

It's just me, Ron and Luke these days.  Sam has been in Mississippi with the Philleys and we miss him like crazy!  We can't wait to have him home tomorrow night.  Grandee and Pappy are bringing him to Huntsville so we'll get to visit with them and see our Sam.

Ron and I have had some wonderful time bonding with Luke; that is when he's not sleeping, pooping or eating as most newborns do.  :)  He's such a good baby.  He's 13 pounds and wearing 6 month clothing.  What a chunk he's becoming.  

Grandee said she took a lot of pictures so I hope to post them over the next couple of days.  Stay tuned...



I had a few friends over for lunch today...thanks for coming girls!  Aside from the minor incident that involved me burning bread and then accidentally breaking our kitchen window, we had a great time!  :)

Sam and all the kids played great together.  But he and Virginia seemed to have an extra amount of fun.  They played in the bathroom with all Sam's bathtub toys at one point; Denise went in to check on them and came out with two wet kids.  I have no idea what they did but they were entertained.


Some of you know we're trying to sell our house.  It's been on the market 9 months and we are so anxious to get off this busy street and into a nice quiet neighborhood.  We trust completely in God's timing but also know of the power of prayer.  Will you join with us and pray that the Lord will bring a buyer for our home quickly.  We would appreciate your prayers alongside ours.  Thank you!!...and we'll keep you posted as soon as something happens.

On a lighter note, we went to Jason's Deli the other day and Sam enjoyed a yummy ice-cream cone.  It's great how ice cream works..."Sam, if you eat 5 bites of your sandwich you can have ice-cream".  Next thing you know he's eaten those 5 bites plus chips and fruit.  And tonight I promised him ice-cream if he'd let me clip his toenails.  (This is his least favorite thing.  He literally screams and pitches a fit while we do it because he thinks it hurts.)  Tonight went well; after a few tears we were making our way to the freezer to get some Rocky Road.

From 6am to 5pm yesterday Luke slept a total of 2 hours (give or take a few minutes).  Ron held him in the recliner and it was magic; he was off to sleep in no time.  After eating at 7pm he didn't wake up again until 1:15 this morning.  He had to catch up on all that lost sleep.


Luke's toy

This video is mostly for the grandparents.  It's not terribly exciting; just Luke smiling and trying to grab at a toy.


My 2 boys

Sam and Luke have a matching outfit to show off thanks to Grandee.  She bought a Wisconsin Badgers T-shirt for them while on a business trip.  Pretty cute if you ask me...


We've had a peaceful week.  No major temper tantrums or fits, we all got a reasonable amount of sleep considering there is a newborn in the house, and I feel normal again.  At least as normal as I can feel...  :)  All in all it's been a nice week:
Sam got some new sandals and decided he'd "bear crawl" around the house with them.
Ron held Luke in his favorite position and managed to get him happy. 
Sam and I made a fort under the kitchen table.
Luke began smiling at the mobile on his swing.  He's fascinated with it.

Last night

Last night Pops offered to watch Luke so Ron, Sam and I could go to the pool.  I don't know who was happier, me or Pops.  :)  We ate some dinner, visited with Ashley, then headed home.  Here's what we found when we got home:
a sleeping baby

a waking baby (notice the cute dimple)

a hungry baby


Sam got a new Lite Brite last week.  I saw it at Wal Mart and had to get it...mostly for myself.  I have fond memories of playing with mine when I was little.  Sam is having just as much fun as I did.
He got a new putter last week.  Ron came home from the golf store with it; he is such a big boy now with a "real" club.
Pops taught Sam what "love handles" are...

Sam has enjoyed swimming at the pool these past couple of weeks.  He gets to go with Ron a few times a week and is already so comfortable that he'll swim and float all by himself.

July 4th in B'ham


I thought about starting this post wrapping up my day...but do you really care what I did today?  I'll sum it up for you:  ran errands, cleaned house, fed boys, changed dirty diapers, disciplined Sam, loved on Sam (and Luke), went out to dinner (thanks to Pops), got 2nd degree burn on my hand.  That's about it.

How did I burn my hand?  I was testing a pot to see if it was cool enough for me to put away.  Well, it wasn't.  I didn't realize I'd left it sitting on the hot burner.  Ouch!  You can say it; I'm stupid. 
We went to Surin for dinner.  Sam didn't want to eat anything on his plate, but he did want Pops' carrots.  Here he is eating skinny carrots.  If you look close, you can see the latest boo-boo.  He and Pierson played yesterday and they were playing tug-of-war over his little table in the sunroom.  Well, he slipped as he tried to claim his territory and fell on the tile floor.
Another thing I did today was try to take a picture of Luke since he turned a month old yesterday.   So here's Luke...  He had just gotten his bath and was ready to eat; which means there was no chance I was going to get a smile.