Jackson Boyd McIntyre

Here's sweet Jackson...

The proud daddy telling us "It's a boy!"

Dr. Light got to deliver Jackson and my little Luke.

Sam ran in to Grandee...literally...
He just wanted to play and his momentum caught her off guard.

Me and Sam in the waiting room.

Nashville vacation

Every year Ron's family heads to Nashville after Christmas for a few days.  This year will be one to remember.  Rebekah (Ron's sister) and her husband Jeff came as usual.  She's due with her first child on January 27th, so everyone assumed she had plenty of time to get in a quick vacation before hibernating at home her last month of pregnancy.  The night before we were to come home Rebekah went into labor.  She and Jeff tried making it to their car in Huntsville so they could drive on home to Montgomery.  They didn't make it!  Her water had broken so she stayed in Huntsville to have her baby.  Jackson Boyd McIntyre was born at 3:59pm Tuesday the 30th weighing 5 lbs 7 oz.  Congratulations Jeff and Rebekah!!!

sliding at the Nashville museum

Sam's new outfit made with love by Grandee

playing a game of Apples to Apples

Christmas Day

A family picture that I'm happy with...

Sam kept trying to get Luke to smile for their picture

matching PJs

Sam and his new cars


Christmas Eve

Sam and Luke got to open an early Christmas present tonight: their matching pajamas.  Sam was excited about the PJs.  He thought it was cool there were trains on them just like in the Polar Express.

At first, Luke just chewed on the wrapping.  When I finally got the camera out to take a picture he had actually started opening the gift.  

I love this picture of Luke playing in his exersaucer by the tree.  What a sweetie!

Potty Training Update

In case y'all were wondering, today was day 3 of potty training and we had NO accidents.  Yea for Sam!  Notice all the big stickers on the poster...not only is he sitting on the potty but he's actually "doing" something when he sits.  I really think he's  getting the idea.  He still gets really excited ; it's sad to think that will wear off soon.  So my question is "When do we start going out in public with just underwear?"  I guess we'll know when he's ready for that...


Potty Training is on...

Today was our first day of potty training and it went surprisingly well.  I've been putting this off for months, but I decided it was finally time.  Especially since Sam is out of MDO for a few weeks.  Maybe all the time at home will drill it in...

We started out the morning decorating his potty-time poster.  He scribbled some then colored smiley faces and sunshines.  He drew three smiley faces and said "That's Luke, that's Sam, and that's Noah".  (Don't you love it Amy?)

When it was actually time to put on the underwear, this is what he did.  He tried to hide behind the small bookshelf in his bedroom.  He screamed!

By 5pm the poster contained many small star stickers representing him sitting his tush on the potty.  Then came the monumental big smiley face sticker representing him actually doing something on the potty.  He was giggling in amazement at what he could now "do" and I was giving him high-fives.  Ron walked in and got to share in the excitement.  Elmo even called to congratulate him.  We have an Elmo book and DVD about this...so Elmo is Sam's potty hero.  Ron placed the call from the garage pretending to be Elmo and Sam loved it!!


Tacky Christmas Attire Party

John and Leslie hosted a party last night where they begged us to where tacky Christmas clothes.  It was nice to get together with our friends and enjoy a laid back evening.  Some pictures I took of other friends didn't turn out. But Amy, I loved the green and white striped knee socks!  :)

Ron and I played it pretty safe...

Graham and Sarah didn't play it safe at all.  :)  That's why we love them so much!

B and Pops came to babysit the boys since all of our sitters were unavailable.  Thanks for making the trip so we could get out!


First tooth

I can't believe I haven't mentioned it yet, but Luke has his first tooth!  We noticed it Sunday the 14th while driving back from Jackson.  It explains the screaming fit he had the night before.  He's doing good; we keep Tylenol around and that keeps him happy.  Hopefully I can get a picture of it soon.  (In case you're wondering, it's on the bottom left.)

I love my friends!

I love you girls!  Who would have thought that a request for some detergent at Costco would have reminded me of how dear you all are.  God reminds us of His love and provision in such funny ways.  Thanks for helping me out... the "non-Costco cardholder" of the group.


Matching PJ's

Does it get any cuter than matching Handy Manny pajamas?  And they are even holding hands at Sam's urging...  I can't get enough!

P.S. Luke had his 6 month checkup today and weighs 19.5 pounds.  That's more than Sam weighed at a year.  I think Luke will be catching up to older brother real soon.  :)


Christmas in LA and MS

We made our way to Mississippi and Louisiana this past weekend to spend time with Ron's family.  Although we were tired when we got home we had a great time!  The boys did good in the car which I was thankful for...  We ended up in Enterprise, Louisiana which is about 9 hours from Huntsville.  Baba Dee had a nice feast for us and the rest of the cousins, aunts, and uncles.  Thanks for the memories y'all.   :)  We love you!


Ashley came over and took a few family pics last night.  Here's a preview of what's to come...


Additional beach pictures

Here are some other things we did in the Destin area.  We made several trips to the local Bass Pro Shops (I double-checked and yes there is an "s" on the end) which included a meeting with Santa Claus.  Here's Sam saying "Cheese"...
We ate at Fudpuckers the first night and got to hold the baby alligator.  Not as much fun as I thought it would be.
Sam enjoyed two activities in the resort craft room.  "Build-a-buddy" included him actually stuffing the dog, picking out his clothes, and naming him.  Introducing Super Dog...
He also painted a wooden snake.  There were a lot of items to choose from but he wanted the snake.  


Beach trip

Ron and I took Sam to the beach this past weekend for the first time.  It was a little chilly, but we had a nice time.  His favorite part was the waves; he actually said "Hello waves" when we first walked up to them...  He also had fun chasing the birds.  But he wouldn't have any part of building a sandcastle.  Although he'd been talking about it for a few weeks, he kicked it down as soon as Ron started building it.  I have a few more pictures to post but I have to scan them first.  So for now here are some beach pics...


Did I say HAPPY six months? If Luke's first few days of his sixth month is any indication of what's ahead, then it might be a long one. I couldn't decide whether or not to post this, but when my friend Becky did a post about her son's poop, I figured I was okay...

So Sunday morning Ron and I were greeted with the messiest diaper I've ever seen. It resulted in an emergency bath and immediate washing of clothes. Then on Tuesday he threw up on me. This isn't new, so I made my way to his room to get him some clean clothes. While walking to his room I realized he was making a gift for me down below. So after getting our dirty clothes off and his dirty diaper undone I started cleaning him up. What do you think happened? He PEED on me! Yuck. And to top it off, he's woken up at midnight for the last three nights and I have no idea why.

I still love him. And I'm not complaining... well, maybe a little.