Sam's new retainer

Thanks to a bad cross-bite that left a permanent tooth rather loose, Sam got a cool new blue retainer.  Here he is, trying it on for the first time.  It was amazing how fast it worked!  The teeth were back in place after 3 days.  Unfortunately, after only 8 weeks it ended up in the cafeteria trash can.  We'll be purchasing a new one soon.  ☹

first few weeks of school...

Luke's K5 class

Laney's first field trip...

Laney and Lucy

Luke and his friend Benjamin were the only two in his class who turned in Summer Reading forms.  They felt extra special!

Luke's field trip to the zoo.

Luke and Sam

Luke and Cannon


The last night of summer we let the kids have a pallet party... they actually slept very well!

We visited the cousins in Huntsville and the kids enjoyed playing with the pizza dough at lunch.

Luke and John at a birthday party...

Ron and I went to the Kiwanis Tacky Tie Affair

iPhone images

Yep, that's me.  Fun times!

Pops' super-sized wrench.

Laney and friends at Zac's birthday party

Watching Pops cut the tree down.  The noise from the saw was fierce.

Mrs. Darden asked Sam to come read to her K4 class.  It was so sweet!

Laney's second pedicure.

Luke and Sam helped Ron at the hunting camp.  After lots of sweating and red Kool-Aid they made their way home.

Luke is showing off the sunflowers he planted.

Laney and Daddy doing yoga.