Baby Ava

After hanging out in downtown Auburn, we made our way over for the kids to meet their newest cousin.  Laney was so sweet to her.  She hugged her, covered her with blankets, and played dress-up with her.  She loved baby Ava's little shoes.

We had a nice visit with the family of three.  While us girls chatted about Disney princesses, the boys played video games and watched football.  Sound about right...

our visit to Auburn

We were given 5 tickets and an amazing parking spot by some friends for yesterday's game.  Thanks L & L!!  Ron and I had already made plans to go to Auburn to visit our step-sister and her family, so going to the game was a bonus.

We went to Toomer's corner and the boys posed for a picture.  Sam was appalled when I told him what Harvey (allegedly) did to the tree.  Imagine what a child's face would look like if they believed in Santa and you told them Santa wasn't real...well, that's how Sam looked when I explained why the trees were dying.  It was pitiful and comical at the same time.

After winding through all the new buildings that had been built since I attended Auburn almost 20 years ago, we found Keller Hall.  Keller was one of the two freshman dorms for girls; I don't know why I moved to the hill...the allure, I guess.  I have good memories of my first quarter there.

Ron and I were getting tickled watching Laney.  I caught Ron in a true grin...I love that face!

The kids loved their popcorn and pom-poms.  The nicest couple sat in front of us.  The lady would ask me if she could go get the kids something then come back with something special.  She gave them the pom-poms and a few cookies.

Daddy-daughter Date

Ron took Laney out for a date.  She was so happy to be spending time alone with Daddy.

Since he let her choose the restaurant, she got to enjoy cheese dip and push-up ice-cream bars at Chuy's.

Sam sings in church

Sam dressed up in a choir robe for the very first time a couple of weeks ago.  He had so much fun!  Ron and I were so happy to see him up there, enjoying music as much as we do.  We love that boy!

a few more iPhone images

our 21 kids at work in the nursery last week

all the cousins watched a movie together at b and pops' new house (house #2) while the adults worked

we moved our couches around and pickles loves his new spot, sitting on the couch with his chin resting on the window frame.

luke at his thanksgiving feast at school

laney helped pops vacuum the dust.


iPhone images

Pops had to rebuild the floor joists in house #2 where a fire had once damaged the area.  Luke and Laney loved getting down there with him, practically under the house.

Laney loves helping Pops.

Ronzo went out of town for one night...the kids took a sad face picture so that I could show him just how much they missed him.

Uncle Hank and his family were in town.  Although he's not a blood relative, he and Ron are such good friends that the kids are used to calling him Uncle...  Laney got to meet his new son, Miles.

And she got to see his dog, Kaia.  She may have enjoyed the dog a little more...

Laney snuck in to Sam's bed the other night.  So I snuck in to take a picture.  Even after using my flash they still didn't wake up!


Soccer Shots

This past Friday was Luke's last day of Soccer Shots for the Season.  His coaches said Laney could join in on the last one to see if she liked it.  She loved it!!

She and Luke both know how to hustle, which is always fun to watch.

This is Coach Brandon, one of Luke's two coaches.


Ron and I took the kids to Publix to trick-or-treat at the different departments.  After that, the kids and I went around the neighborhood, starting with our next door neighbors and ending with our house.  Candy was given out at only three houses, but we still had fun.  And somehow, we ended up with a lot of goodies!

Sam's Birthday Party

Sam finally had his party...almost 3 weeks after his birthday.  Our weekends have been busy, keeping us from having the party closer to his birthday.

He had an all-boys party (plus Laney and his teacher) at Head Over Heels Gymnastics.  They played on the big blow-up thing...

They did an obstacle course.  (that's Sam's teacher right behind him)

The zip line was fun!

It was an Angry Birds party; our party planner was nice enough to decorate with Angry Birds decorations at no extra cost.  I highly recommend HOH if you're looking for a place to have a party.
Most importantly, Sam had fun!  But I'll admit, I'm looking forward to simple parties for the next few years.