sponge ball

my neighbor set up a fun game of water sponge-ball for the kids.  it was fun for them and very entertaining for us moms to watch!

the 4th

my family got together to celebrate the fourth of july.  same as last year, we decorated the canoe float, and took a ride around the neighborhood.  the kids enjoyed decorating and really enjoyed singing festive songs to the neighbors.  they especially enjoyed ending the night with fireworks.

What we've been up to...

Our new neighbors across the street have a "zoo" around their house.  My kids love their pets: a dog, cat, and 2 rabbits.

I took the kids to the LEGO store at the Galleria and let them pick out a set.  We immediately went home and built some stuff!

We've been swimming at the pool lately.  The kids and I are enjoying our time at AVCC.
Everyone is getting more comfortable in the water.  The boys have their first swim lesson tomorrow.  And I ADORE how Luke likes to run down the board, turn around at the last second, and jump off backwards.

Laney decided not to jump when I took this picture, but she jumped the next day.


Laney and I walked down to the pier so I could take a few photos of her.  Let me remind you, I was looking at her through the viewfinder.  Had no idea what she was up to in that fourth picture until the mug was in her hand.  Sneaky girl...  Then of course she had to show off her coffee mustache.  ☺