We've had to lay low for the past few days.  Sam and Luke have both been sick but are starting to get better.  Poor Sam...his nose is blistered from having to wipe it so much.  TMI?  nah...


Luke self-feeding

Luke is getting so good at eating by himself.  That's an understatement; you can tell by looking at him that he likes to eat.  If you look close in this first picture you can see his two little teeth.  That's all he has so far...


Both boys are sick

Poor Sam and Luke.  Both of them are a little sick.  Luke has another ear infection, now in his right ear.  Good news is his left ear cleared up...  So he's on medicine again.  Sam has a bad cough and a little bug.  He got sick to his stomach at dinner tonight; but he was a champ and handled it great!

So they're both sick, but the day must go on.  Luke sat in his high chair for the first time today and practiced self-feeding.  He didn't do too bad.

Sam ate heart-shaped french toast this morning.  Yum...

We even went downtown to the park for a little while and fed the ducks and fish.  Ashley took a break from work and came outside for a nice little visit.  It was a long day...but they're both in bed and I'm not too far behind.


I love my Mom!

I accomplished a lot today with the help of my mom.  We packed about 10 boxes, ate a super-yummy lunch at Santa Fe, and I took a hot shower while she kept an eye on the kiddies!  Thank you Mom for coming to Huntsville today just for the sole purpose of helping me pack.  I love you!


Sink drama

So I've heard people say that building a house is a headache.  Ron and I have had a wonderful experience so far and even when something has gone wrong it's been relatively easy to fix it...until now.

Long story short... instead of ordering the stainless steel sink I wanted, the builders ordered a white granite sink and made our countertops around the dimensions of said sink.  The sink came in broken.  I found out what happened and said I'd take the granite sink but in a more suitable color for our kitchen since white wouldn't go well.   Sink # 2 came in and was broken during installation.  Sink # 3 came in and was broken in the box.  Sink # 4 should be here today and I'm PRAYING it makes it in and is installed without a hitch.  If we end up with our closing delayed and are homeless looking for a place to live, you can assume it's because of the darn sink.

No glasses for now

Sam had his follow-up eye appointment this morning and did great!  He let Dr. Cox do a more thorough exam than the first time and she was able to get a better read on his need for glasses.  The difference between the left and right eye is more than it was 3 months ago; but the good news is that his right eye has 20/30 vision.  She said at this age most eyes are around 20/40.  His left eye is still a level off from his right at 20/40.  She feels like his left eye might be able to catch up with his right and wants to see him again when he turns 4.  So for now no glasses!  YEA!!
So you're probably asking why I have a picture of him playing with this little race track.  After his eye appointment I took him to a little toy store in the mall and bought this.  It was different from anything he has and I thought it would hold his attention.  He played with it for an hour after we got home.  It's battery-operated and magnetic, so the cars flip and ride along without falling off.  The catch?  It was made in China and I think it should have remained in China.  The music that plays is so hilarious!  It's this Chinese dance-techno music.  So funny!

P.S.  Sam just woke from a nap after I wrote this post.  The first thing he wanted to do was play with his toy.  His exact words while playing were "I think I love this toy; it's pretty cool".  priceless...

Piano Concert

Sam gave his first piano concert earlier in the week.  He performed in front of all his adoring fans who were propped up (with precision) on his bed.  I even taught him the proper way to bow; Mama Mac would be proud.


Sam's first pillowfight

This video is a small clip of the pillowfight between Ron and Sam last night.  It was so one-sided that it was actually more of a pillow beating.  :)
My favorite parts are 1. when Sam asks Ron to do it "again" and he says the word with about 3 syllables and 2. the end of the video when he collapses under the pillow from being so tired.  Enjoy...

Luke Rolling


Rock Hill

The other day Sam wanted to walk to rock hill.  It's a hill to a 3 year old at least.  There is an empty lot at the end of the road and he likes going to play in the gravel.  We bundled up and headed that way.

Even Luke had fun...


Luke and Sam's first day...

Today was our first day back at MDO after the Christmas break.  Luke is going on Tuesdays and he had a great day!  He was going on his first buggy ride, so I got there at 11:45 (45 minutes early) just so I could take a few pictures.

I was able to see Sam at lunch.  He and his friends looked so cute eating together!

We walked out of the cafeteria and Luke was being pushed down the hall.  Sam yelled with such excitement "It's Luke!".  When Virginia pushed the buggy away to finish walking the babies Sam cried out "No Mommy, get him back..."

Sam thought he wanted to get in the buggy for old time's sake.  As soon as he was down the hall I heard him saying he wanted to get down and be with his mommy.

It was a fun morning for all of us.  I cried while dropping off Luke.  His teachers finally talked me in to letting him go.  I know it's good for him to be around other kids at an early age; and it's good for me to have 4 hours out of the week to run errands all by myself.  :)


Poor Luke...

Luke has his first ear infection.  poor guy...  He's been waking up in the middle of the night screaming.  We assumed it was his teeth.  The last few days he hasn't been eating good and he's been pulling at his left ear.  I took him to the doctor today and he confirmed my suspicion so now he's on antibiotics.  Hopefully he will be better soon...
January 1st brought a new thing for Luke.  I went to get him up from a nap and he was asleep on his belly.  My baby is growing up.

Cousin Lindsay got married

I got packed up (again) and took Sam and Luke to Tennessee (again) for my cousin's wedding.  We traveled the last 4 weekends out of 5 and I'm so ready to stay home.  Our friend Graham jokingly asked us if we still lived in Huntsville since we missed so much church.  But I didn't want to miss Lindsay's wedding.  She's my second cousin and lives in Birmingham.  She got married at her home church, Brentwood United Methodist.  It was a beautiful wedding which included the cutest flower girls I've ever seen: my two nieces Anne Madison and Avery.

I got this picture of all 5 grandkids.  It's our prized picture so far...until Baby #3 comes along.  Then we'll need to get another.

Me and the boys at the church.

Aunt Jen and Luke.
Both boys did great!  Our hotel fire alarm went off early in the morning.  Hotels don't play...that thing was loud!  Sam screamed and cried because it hurt his ears while Luke layed on the bed kicking his feet and laughing at B.  What a difference.