Soccer Shots

Luke started soccer last week.  Ava is playing this time around, so Leah and I get to visit while we watch the kids.

Of course, Laney is busy visiting as well.

Summer Reading Award Ceremony

Sam enjoys reading.  He read about 2700 pages this summer, which I think is awesome.  His goal for next summer is to hit 5000 pages so that he gets a huge Hershey's bar.

At one point I looked over to see what Bela was doing...she was face first down on the ground, probably bored to tears.


iPhone images

our friends got a new kitten.  she's adorable!  most adorable thing is that she sucks her tail constantly.  it's so endearing...

laney and i shared a junior cinnamon roll at cindy's in the galleria. it's one of few places i'll miss at the mall if it ever shuts down.

laney went to choir with luke and the other four year olds last week.  the choir director said she did great, sitting still and obeying perfectly.  she insisted that she take her Bible; i didn't bother to tell her she didn't need it for choir.  i loved looking at her and luke through the door and seeing that Bible in her hand.

a neighbor said the kids could come climb her tree any time they wanted.  they had fun climbing the tree, the rock, and picking up magnolia tree remnants.  unfortunately, i picked up some poison ivy during our playtime and i'm miserable and itching like crazy!

and sweet laney, exhausted, fell asleep in the car one afternoon...

our little cub scout, sam

we went to BSA at liberty park to purchase our supplies.

we went to take pictures of the first den meeting...luke and laney enjoyed playing with the football and being silly.

ron volunteered to be the den leader.  he looks just as good as sam in uniform.


The Color Run

I went out to Barber Motorsports to catch my brother and his family at the Color Run.  There was a lot of weird art...really weird.  So this was a huge statue of a lady in the lake.  What?!?  Weird...

And then men holding up a motorcycle... Huh?!?

I took a picture of the runners, before they got fully colored...

And I couldn't leave out the Porsches from the driving school.

Stannon and the gang in all their colors.


I saw these chairs on HGTV.  If you know how I can make one, let me know.  I LOVE them!

Luke's good friend, Ezekiel.  Here they are meeting for yogurt after school.

This is what Laney's hair looks like every morning.