iPhone images

i took the kids to krispy kreme one saturday morning. they were surprisingly good!at "back to school night" i found sam's artwork. he indicates he loves to read and can read all by himself. that's my boy. he's just like his daddy: loves to do well at things. not me. i was always happy with barely making it in school. and yes, he can read by himself. 5 years old and reads everything he sees. i hope his love for learning lasts...
this is gross, but it's a part of my life. looking in the rearview and finding laney sucking her toe happens more often than i would like...

laney's nightgown

i made a new tinkerbell nightgown for laney and she loves it. i made a 3t so that she could wear it a while. well, it's huge. i had to make several adjustments to keep it from falling off of her shoulders. but we're all happy now that it fits...

oreo sandwich

most people who eat the filling out of an oreo cookie follow that up by eating the cookies. not luke and laney. they decided they would fill theirs with cheese and ham so they could eat oreo sandwiches. that's just gross.

toys around here

now that we have a puppy, toys don't last long around here. laney showed me a miniature barbie doll whose hand was eaten off.
by the next day, her other arm and foot were eaten off as well. poor thing...


interview with laney

things i love about this vid:
how she says "philley"
how she says "yeah" short and sweet
how there is a distinction between new baby and old baby (we bought new baby last year in case we ever lost old baby. good thing, cause old baby has been lost for over a week.)
love how she sucks her thumb while playing with baby's tag between her fingers. she does this all the time.


McWane Center

My neighbor and I took our kids to the McWane Center last week. I signed up for an annual membership while there, so I didn't feel bad that we only stayed two hours. The kids started getting grumpy, the parking meter was running low on time, and I was ready to go.

Water play is always a hit.

The kids were crazy about the zip line.

Laney started pulling stuff out of her diaper bag and this is what she ended up with...
Ian and Cannon.


Luke and Laney as well

Not to be left out, Laney climbed up on the stool for a photo-op of her own.

I tried to get Luke in on the action but he had just woken up from his nap (as noted by his unruly hair) and he was in a pensive mood.

Sam's first day of REAL kindergarten

Sam started K5 yesterday and had a great first day. I saw a blog where the mom uses a small chalkboard to take a picture of her children's first day of school every year. So glad I saw this now instead of when the kids are in junior high. I'll actually have some fun pictures to look back on when they're leaving for college or getting married... whoa, that's a scary thought. ☺I offered to let him draw the K-5 on the board and he said "No thanks, 5 is kinda' hard to draw". He's a perfectionist, and very afraid of messing up. He never wants to fail. Our prayer for this little guy is that he'll use his gifts and talents for the Lord's glory rather than his own.
I love that he got silly and gave me a good 'ole smile. Every time I look at this picture I find myself smiling!
This is the only picture I have of him at school on his first day. His teacher is fresh out of school. I get the idea that she's still trying to figure things out. I'm not sure. I just got the feeling that I needed to drop him off and get out! Although she wasn't warm and welcoming, she must be good with the kids. Sam has only good things to say about her. I'm excited that he has a young teacher. I'm trying to embrace what she has to offer and not focus on the fact that she shakes hands like a limp noodle. Just keeping it real...

simon says and boot camp

we babysat the neighbor's kids the other night so they could go on a date. they're babysitting ours this weekend to return the favor. i LOVE babysitting swaps!

our neighbor mivi was visiting as well. so we had 6 kids and ron entertained them by playing a game of simon says. i just sat back and laughed.

after simon says, he held a mini boot camp and led them in jumping jacks,
random stretching, and other activities.
so that's what your kids were doing, erin, while you were enjoying a nice evening at dodiyo's.

grapes and more grapes

my kids' favorite thing to do at this point in time is stuff grapes in their cheeks and pretend to be chipmunks. laney says "i look like a chick-munk mommy".


ron was able to take part in some slipping and sliding action outside with the kids the other day. i love these next three pictures; luke was following ron the whole way!

after sam chased everyone around with the water-shooter, ron got it from him and did some chasing of his own. fun times!


for sale!

if you know of anyone who needs a crib and changing table, i'm selling mine. just leave me a comment or send me an email. $100 gets you a bed, mattress, and table.

barber shop visit

i took the boys to get their hair cut at an old-fashioned barber shop. what a fun time! the barbers did such a good job cutting their hair. and the boys seemed to be intrigued by everything they saw.

they even got to pick out a brand new hot wheels car after they were done.