Random Pics

Clanton Pumpkin Patch 10/24

 Mrs. Branham's K4 class

Laney and Ava enjoyed a snack before heading home.

Golden Ticket Seats

 As a belated birthday present, Sam and I made our way to the "Rick and Bubba" studios.

the Fall Festival -10/15

Happy Birthday Sam!

 Cinnamon rolls for breakfast and Johnny Rockets for lunch.

 After the servers serenaded Sam, we finished lunch the headed to the movies with friends Ian, John Mark, and James Varin.

Freddie's Retirement Weekend 9/27-29

 After many years with State Farm, it was time to say goodbye...

 After a party in Birmingham at the regional office, we made our way to Clinton to party with family and friends...

Laney burned her finger and decided to show it to us. 

Freddie loved his coconut cake...

BCS Homecoming

 Philley and Robertson kids

 Laney and Sidney

Rick (as in "Rick and Bubba") helped park our car before the game


Sam's new retainer

Thanks to a bad cross-bite that left a permanent tooth rather loose, Sam got a cool new blue retainer.  Here he is, trying it on for the first time.  It was amazing how fast it worked!  The teeth were back in place after 3 days.  Unfortunately, after only 8 weeks it ended up in the cafeteria trash can.  We'll be purchasing a new one soon.  ☹