Luke can drink from a cup now!

Luke drank from a sippy cup yesterday for the first time.  It was funny; I saw the air bubbles rising through the cup and realized he successfully did it.  Then he removed the cup, water pouring out of his mouth, and gave me this weird look as if he wondered what was in his mouth.  Sam took this picture of me and Luke.  He was camera happy yesterday and took quite a few pictures.  This is the only one that turned out.

Here's Luke right after his first sip of water.  You have to look really close to see, but Ron and I are loving his teeth right now.  The bottom two are cute and little; but it looks like he borrowed the top two teeth from a beaver.  Oh my goodness it's so cute!


School Pictures

Here are the boys' school pictures.  Grandparents, your copies are on the way.  :)

(If anyone knows how to rotate a picture, let me know.  I rotated it in iPhoto before uploading it to the blog, but it still placed it in the original scanned format.)


Sam's Haircut

The only place Sam will get his hair cut without crying is at Sweet and Sassy in Birmingham.  So Saturday morning we went out there and told the girl to cut it short so we don't have to get it done again any time soon.  Good news is that we found out a similar kids salon is opening in Jones Valley, so no more hair cuts in B'ham.

After his haircut he loves being introduced as he runs through the curtain of beads and on to the runway.  Introducing Sam Philley and his new do...


Nothing terribly exciting going on here.  Luke loves chewing on my necklaces these days.

He has started flirting a lot more by blinking his eyes tightly.  It's a hard picture to take, but here's the best I could do.

Sam saw that Ron had jeans on and got so excited.  He wanted a picture of he and daddy both wearing jeans.

Luke flirts

Video of Luke blinking.  So adorable!


Last night we got together with some of our church friends for a time of prayer for our sweet friends the Schnorrenbergs.  They leave next week for Ukraine to adopt and will be coming home in a month or two with one or more new family members.  We love you guys!


Something about Sundays

Just a quick post updating Luke's teething.  (This is one of those posts that is merely for the sake of when I make my blog into a book.  You won't find this interesting.  When Luke is 18 years old and wants to know when his teeth started coming in I can say "Let's check out the Philley Pham 2009 annual and find out")  :)

So there's something about Sundays... Luke's teeth don't come in two by two like most babies.  All four of his adorable teeth have come in on a Sunday, one at a time.  The bottom two came in first, two Sundays in a row, left then right.  The top two came in next, two Sundays in a row, left then right.  I'm seeing a pattern... 


We got to enjoy a nice family breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning.  While Sam tried to conquer the peg game Luke was deciding what he was going to eat...

Thanks Baba Dee

Baba Dee sent Sam a $5 bill for Valentine's Day.  So Sam and I went on a date last night to the toy store.  Does it look like he's having fun or what?  He got to ride on Dumbo the Flying Elephant before walking around the store.  We came out with Geoffrey the Giraffe and some ice-cream.  It was a fun time...

Hooray for Peas


Luke eating

This boy really has a lot of Banks in him; he loves food.  I got some snapshots of him eating PB&J sandwich, bananas, and bread.

House Happenings...

We're at the new house and have already had a few photo opps...  Here we have Sam and Luke in their big kid chairs.  Luke loves sliding down the arms of the chair, as you can see.

Here's our first family picture on Jacks Creek Ln.  It feels good to be home...

Sam's Easel

I don't know what Sam loves more: his new easel or hamming it up for the camera.


Moving mode has kicked in and our house is a WRECK!
(in case you were wondering)...


ATTENTION: Huntsville friends

This is a shameless plug:  if anyone is in the mood to come help us move we're getting things started Saturday morning around 10.  Ron is planning on calling a few of you guys tonight, but the more the merrier.

And by the way, we'll have food for you during your hard work!

20 week ultrasound

Baby Philley is doing good!  We had an ultrasound this morning and got to see all the important stuff...at least all the important stuff we wanted to see.  ☺  We still aren't finding out the gender.  The baby's heartbeat is good.  Arms, legs, spine, and everything else is measuring normal.  Now we just have to wait 4 1/2 more months to meet our new bundle of joy...