standing up

i went in to laney's room this morning and greeted her as usual. upon my entrance, she grabbed on to the crib and pulled herself up to a standing position. that's a first. watch out world, here she comes...

Thanks to my friend Amy, the boys each have a VTech globe of their own. They're so happy!

He is so stinkin' cute.

Sam asked me to tape a box around him so he could pretend he had a jet engine attached. Lots of running around the house came next...

While the boys ran, Laney crawled. She's getting around great these days.

the moon

Pops knows just how much Luke loves the moon, so he took a picture of it. He had his telescope out looking at all the stars and decided to put his camera up to the lens to see what happened. Great picture, Pops. Thanks...


Nashville trip

We made a quick trip to Nashville this weekend. So quick that we were there less than 24 hours. We met up with Ron at the hotel Friday night when we got into town. He got there ahead of us to pick up his race packet. Sam desperately tried to find something to watch on the tube, Luke ran around with excitement, and Laney explored while sitting on the floor.

Ron ran in the Country Music Marathon Saturday morning. Fortunately the rains held off until lunchtime, so me and the kids got to see him at the race. He ended up running the half marathon with a time of 1:25:19. He came in 54th of 24636 runners and was happy with that. Yea Ronzo!

We stopped for lunch in Franklin to visit with my Uncle Robert and Aunt Vicky. Their kids and grand kids also came, so it was a small family reunion. The boys really took to my cousin Renita. Here they are at the door with her, about to welcome Houston inside.

My cousin Rae turned 25 a couple of days ago. She's married and is very content having a dog; she doesn't have a huge desire to have children. We threw Laney in her lap for kicks and couldn't believe it when she said it was the first time she'd ever held a baby. I had to get a picture of that!

On a less personal note, I have to include these stackable stools. I don't remember a time when my aunt and uncle didn't have these. I love them! I decided after seeing them yesterday that I need to make some for myself. I don't know when I'll find the time to do it, but I'm adding it to my project list.

Luke loved them as well...

Nerd Night 1989

Thank you Anna for this blast from the past. Nerd Night at Raiders (Briarwood Junior High youth group). Good times!

Imagination Day

Sam decided he wanted to play ice hockey. So we got a piece of ice and he and Luke proceeded to play while Laney watched on. He told me "I'm using my imagination Mom".

Later in the day we were all a little bored. So I got a paper bag and made a mask. He said "Good job Mom. You used your imagination." I guess an imaginative day was had by all...


Birmingham: Event 4

The main reason we went to Birmingham was to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the Calera Railroad. I've taken Sam the last 2 years, but this was Ron and Luke's first time to go.

One of the first things we saw when walking in was a small petting zoo. The boys kept waving at the cow and they thought the baby duck was adorable!

I thought it was sweet how Luke was leaning on Ron's lap. He sure loves his daddy.

We met Sir Topham Hatt then wrapped up our time there with some popcorn and jumping on the inflatables. What a fun weekend!

Birmingham: Event 3

Laney turned 10 months old!

Birmingham: Event 2

A visit with the cousins... (and Uncle Stannon and Aunt Jennifer).

My boys love their cousins. And thanks to Pops' creativity they always find something fun to do. Dave pushed them around the street in a wheelbarrow and they had a blast. He was sweating by the end of it all; they sure can wear him out.

Birmingham: Event 1

We went to Birmingham this past weekend and I have way too many pictures for one post. So I'll share one event at a time.

After getting in town Saturday just in time for lunch, all the kids took a nap while Ron and I drove around town and shopped at the Summit.

Pops decided he would take the boys out on the canoe for the first time. I planned on going to take pictures, but I ended up enjoying a ride on the water with the boys. Sam decided he needed to go potty while Pops was unloading the truck. Well, there weren't any facilities nearby so I talked him in to pulling his pants down and going in the grass. (He's gonna' kill me some day for showing this picture!)

The boys LOVED putting their hands in the water.

We got to see a real beaver home. They loaded up the sticks all on their own. Sam was amazed at the holes along the bank leading the beavers to their shelter.

I felt a little sorry for Luke. The life jacket looked like it was practically choking him. He ended up riding without the jacket.

Luke's sweet wave:


funniest thing i've heard today...

sam asked me at the lunch table why we die when we get old.

instead of an easy answer like "our body just gets worn out", i told him about the fall of man (again). yes, it seems like the fall of man somehow works its way into a lot of our conversations. basically, i reminded him that adam and eve sinned against God. the consequence of their disobedience is that we can't live forever; our earthly bodies will die.

sam's response: "maybe God should have just spanked them instead"

i'm still laughing out loud...


yesterday and today

yesterday we played on the playset a while...

today we played in a little water... and i mean little. sam had fun, but didn't want it turned on too high. luke had more fun splashing in the puddles.


Would I?

Would I have let my firstborn do this?

or this?

I hope I didn't ruin Sam because I was too strict or too afraid to let him run loose. Being out of control is the norm around here now. ☺



their personalities shine through even at lunchtime.

sam studies the goldfish bag

laney relaxes in more than one highchair position

luke says "cheese" for the camera

our picnic

We went to a local playground yesterday to play and have a little picnic. It was such a beautiful day!

Luke wore Ron's hat around for a while

I don't know why Sam is making that face, but I love it.

Laney crawled over to Luke's plate and ate a little of his frosted Animal Cracker. She got a taste of the good stuff for sure...

I wanted to get a picture of the kids before we left. I love that they all have such different personalities. You can see it in their faces.