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R.I.P: the dip. I've talked about it on here before...the road we live on has a dip. I grew up driving on the dip. Well, the county stopped maintaining the area about 7 months ago. As the road worsened and neighbors complained, they decided to close the dip if they got signatures from 80% of the homeowners. Well, they got the signatures needed and closed the road just before Christmas.
The kids and I took a walk down there to explore (now that there's no thru traffic to deal with).

It was quite fun! We even inched close to the drop off so that we could get a look at the waterfall.

The boys have enjoyed new Star Wars gear...

The one thing Laney wanted for Christmas was purple boots. I bought the wrong size. So after Christmas we went shopping and found her some fuchsia ones. She may not look excited in this picture, but she was thrilled to get them.

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