ornament time

my parents used to give us an ornament every year, to sum up the year so to speak...
ron and i are carrying on the tradition. laney's ornament is a sparkly and glittering high heel. she started playing "dress up" this year and has turned into a bit of a girly girl.

luke's ornament is a guitar that says "rock on". he's the life of the party and loves music.

sam's ornament is a man holding on to a carabiner. this represents the adventures that sam encountered this year. he went for a ride on a zip line, learned how to swim, rode his first water slide, and more.

i was given a sewing machine ornament, because i love to sew.

and ron was given tiny drums since he officially became a drummer this year after he accepted the role at church. he's showing off for the camera a bit...

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