Disney Day 5

Our last full day in Orlando we decided to go to Hollywood Studios. Ironically it rained. It rained when we went to Hollywood Studios with Sam three years ago. It only last an hour or so, then we were on our way...

The kids watched a little movie on Disney Animation while Ron and I rode the Aerosmith roller coaster. Fun stuff. I wanted to go again, but we decided it would be nice of us to rejoin the group and help Grandee and Pappy out.

The kids met Mickey and Laney went without crying. She enjoyed meeting Lotso Huggin' Bear as well.

In this shot, Luke was leaning in to Lotso saying "You're so funny, Lotso". It was so precious.

We came across some street entertainers. Luke and Laney were all into it. Sam climbed up in the stroller and watched with little excitement.

But Sam and Luke were equally happy to get their picture with one of the toy soldiers before we rode Toy Story Mania.

We went to meet Mater and McQueen which was a highlight for me. I remember how little Sam was when he met them for the first time.
We got back to the resort in time for a little nap. Leftovers for dinner, we washed a few loads, then began packing up for home.

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B said...

Thanks so much, Penny. Even though we weren't there physically, the pictures you shared with us make up for it just a little. And you're right, spending time with the family is important, grab it when possible. Love, B