Coming home

We got up early Wednesday morning so we could make the trip home. Christine and I had an easy 90 minute flight home with the kids while Freddie and Ron spent 9 hours in the van driving home. It was going to cost so much for all of us to fly and then rent a van for the week. So the men were our heroes and drove both ways so that the ladies and kids could fly. Thanks, guys!

Grandee and Pappy got a sweet picture with the kids and their new Disney goodies before we left.

The kids did awesome on the plane... I even had all three of them in my row for a bit so they could watch Cinderella while we were in the air.

We loved the trip and loved spending time with Freddie and Christine. Some people have asked if the kids were too young for this trip and if we thought it was a waste of money. Here's my take on it. I think that just about anything you do as a family is worthwhile, because you're making memories. Laney and Luke are too young to remember every ride we rode and every character we met, but we spent time together as a family and had fun. And boy, did we have fun! That being said, it's hard going with little ones. We had to rent a double stroller the two days we went to the park (and they're not cheap). We had to change diapers and clothes way more often than we would have liked. But I don't want to put things off until it becomes "easy". Our hands were full, but it was worth it.

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Keri said...

Great picture of Freddie, Christine and the kiddos. Looks like you guys had a great time in DW! Loved all of the pictures!