Disney Day 4

We ventured out to the water park today sans Laney. Freddie and Christine had some bonding time with her while Ron and I had fun with the boys. The Disney water park is called Typhoon Lagoon and it's definitely geared towards families.

Luke was willing to get a picture. Sam had been sitting on the rock next to Luke, but got up and walked away when I pulled out my camera. He had some 'tude today for sure... (is that how you spell that?)

There were a couple of family raft rides and several areas for the kids. Sam HATED the raft ride because of the little water falls along the way. He cried and clinged to me as soon as he saw the first water fall. We got off and he said "I just hated that ride!" He actually screamed it... so loud that the lifeguards helping the families out of the water laughed out loud at him.

Shortly after the raft ride Luke got a wasp sting. Poor little guy got stuck on the underneath part of his middle finger. His hand swelled up so fast and he just cried in pain. Ron took him to first aid and they gave him a little numbing medication. Although he went right back to having fun, his hand was swollen for a couple of hours. He's tough...

We got home in time to pick up the rest of the Philleys and go to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Sam loves this restaurant. After tonight, Luke loves it too. I took the picture of Luke from behind simply because I'm in love with his curls.

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