Soccer practice

Sam had his first soccer practice Thursday night. His first game would have been today, but it was rained out. He told me in the car on the way "Momma, I'm gonna' tell my coach I don't know how to play soccer. Okay?". "Ok, Sam." I said, ensuring him that his coach would teach him and the other kids how to play.

Right after those happy pictures were taken of the three kids we had a little accident. If someone is going to get hurt, it'll be Luke. He was running down the approximately 100 stairs to the field trying to catch up with Sam. He fell and slid down a couple of stairs face first ending up with an awful mouth bleed and bad boo-boo above his upper lip. Poor guy. On a side note, he hurt his mouth last night too. He had a collision with the back of Sam's head and tore his upper labial frenum, which is that little tag just above your two top middle teeth. Two nights in a row blood is gushing out of his mouth. My poor baby...

We managed to get through soccer practice without any more accidents. Sam had tons of fun, although he did come over once or twice to tell me he was tired and wanted to quit. But he kept on and had fun.

Laney enjoyed using the little soccer disc cones as hats.

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