Disney Day 3

Like Saturday, we laid low on Sunday and didn't go to any parks. We thought we'd avoid them on the weekend figuring they would be crowded. So the kids started the morning at the resort's Bounce House. They had fun but got really hot really fast. So we moved on to the kiddie pool area.

The kid's pool has a splash pad, wading pool with fountain, water-gun shooters, and more. The kids enjoyed it immensely.

We made our way to McDonald's for lunch and the kids got a happy meal. This doesn't happen often in our family, so they were excited to show their new toys off for the camera.
Sunday was a good day...


Denise said...

These water shots make me really have the summer fever! Great pictures Penny, you know your kids are going to LOVE looking back on these pictures as they grow up.

Penny said...

Thanks, Denise.
I know I'll love looking back at them as well. :)
Glad you've enjoyed the pictures; it's been fun.