Disney Trip Day 1

The kids woke up early and were excited to go to Florida. I made some small bags for all three kids to carry on the plane and gave them to them when they woke up. They eagerly posed for a picture. (Laney's bag is hot pink with a purple monster.)They made a friend in the airport. Our flight was delayed a couple of hours, so they watched "Toy Story" together.
Ron and Freddie took the kids to the pool as the sun was about to set. They were excited. They hung out in some tubes floating around the lazy river.
By the time they left it was dark, but I did manage to get a picture of Laney in her cover-up and crocs. She's growing up so fast!
Day 1 ended with dinner at Smokey Bones. It's my absolute favorite restaurant. Ron and I are going back tomorrow night on a date. They have the best chicken sandwich ever! The kids were so tired that Sam and Luke actually fell asleep at the table. We've never seen our kids so tired.

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