Leaving Huntsville

I never posted these pictures. It was just too hard. Our best friends threw us a going away party and I still remember being at the party, feeling as if I was watching from the outside, knowing things would never be the same. I cried that night. I cried as much as I did yesterday when I got my bad haircut. ;) But obviously, the tears were different. I LOVE these people and couldn't imagine them not being a part of my daily life.

Hard to believe, but that was almost 6 months ago. I don't love them any less, but God has been good to us in this move. We're in Birmingham with wonderful family members close by. We're slowly making new friends, getting plugged in to church, and making our new place "our home". I went back to Huntsville today for the first time since we moved. I got to spend a few hours with the girls. My friend Leslie and I always referred to us as "the six of us". Today, someone made a comment about "the five of us". They've gotten used to me being absent just as I've gotten used to being away. What a blessing to have been part of "the six" for a while. We may not be a group of six in our daily lives, but the Lord brought us together and will hold us together as sisters even if we don't live in the same town.

Thank you girls for sharing your Saturday with me. Thank you for the party you gave almost six months ago. I love y'all!


Amy said...

We love you. It was a great day.

Ashley Turnbull said...

It was a fabulous day - hope YOU enjoyed it as we did. Rosie's was the best, too...so fun to eat there and have a little adult conversation :-) Can't wait to do it again!!