Flea Market Finds

On my way to Huntsville I stopped at the Cullman Flea Market. There were many times during our 6 years in Huntsville that I drove by Cullman and said "I'll go there someday". Well, I finally did it. Partly because there were a ton of places I passed on the way to visit Ron's parents on the coast and I would always say "One of these days we'll stop there". They moved away from the coast several years ago and I wish I had ventured in to some of those quirky shops. I guess I didn't want to miss another opportunity...

I bought two things at the market this weekend. A good old-fashioned wooden chair that we will definitely be recovering. We need a chair for our den and now we have one. Granted, it's sitting in the corner of our bedroom until the material has been chosen and I'm able to make the transformation.

I also bought a camel saddle. Anyone seen one of these? My parents had one of these while I was growing up and my brother and I played on it often. This was a sentimental purchase. I've seen some on ebay and other sites, but none as inexpensive as the one I found in Cullman. I even talked the guy down to almost 50% off. Score! It looks a little different than the one we had, but I still love it.

Just as important, the kids love it too. It was the first thing they noticed when they came into the den the next morning. First Luke tried it out. Then Sam and Luke hopped on together for some photo opps.

They're saying "pickle" in this picture. It's one of our favorite words in the Philley house.

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B said...

Loved the updates. I think our camel saddle was much prettier, even than the one you referenced on another site. That was such a unique piece of nostalgia,hate that it tore up. Love ya! B