Luke's new way to ride

As some of you know, you're supposed to wait until your child is 20 lbs and one year old before you put them in a front-facing car seat.  Luke has met one of those criteria, but is just now barely 11 months old.  So Ron and I thought long and hard about it (which totalled about 10 seconds) and decided to go ahead and move Luke up to the next car seat.  We drove around the neighborhood last night and accomplished two things: get Luke's reaction to his new way of riding, and let Ron hear my brakes.

Yep, I'm getting new brakes.  I went two weeks ago and they told me I needed them.  I thought I'd hold off and let my step-dad do it for a lot cheaper.  Yesterday my car started making horrible noises, so I couldn't put it off another day.  You know the sound your car makes when you pull into a parking space and the bottom of your bumper hits the parking block?  That's what my brakes sound like.  On a side note, if any of you want to learn a new word for the day, I've got one for you.  Turtarrier is the actual name for the parking blocks used in parking lots... yep, I Googled it.

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BKicklighter said...

I am going to use that word five times today so that I will OWN it! Love that you told us that!