Luke is 11 months today!

Luke is 11 months old, which is crazy!  Time has flown by...  I made this little jumper for him to prepare for his 1 year outfit I'm making.  Don't let the elephant fool you; I'm still an Auburn fan.  I chose the elephant because Ron's a Bama fan, it went with the color red, and Newbie can wear it down the road whether a girl or boy.

This picture was taken at MDO this morning while one of the teachers helped Luke stand up.  Notice how empty the halls are?  I didn't get the memo they had closed because of the stupid Swine Flu.  So I had to turn around and head back home.  I was fortunate enough to get a babysitter and make it to my doctor's appointment without having to reschedule.  (32 weeks and counting; both me and the baby got a good check-up.)
Sam wanted to hold Luke and take a picture.  They're having too much fun!

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B said...

Penny, do you not only have a great subject to show off, your talents continue to impress me!!! I'm proud of you in many ways!!! Loved the pictures of the boys, B