our weekend

We had a fun weekend packed with a lot of activities.  Friday was quite the day for me; I've been overwhelmed with emotions lately.  It seems my pregnancy hormones have changed: the hormones that gave me curly hair have gone away and been replaced by hormones that make me cry... a lot.  I lost all my curls which makes me sad; but it was fun while it lasted.

Sam enjoyed some Play-Doh fun on Friday.

Luke started drinking out of a sippy cup Friday.  He had been drinking from an old-fashioned spout cup with my help for a few weeks, but now he can handle a real sippy cup on his own.

We enjoyed playing outside.  Luke ran up and down the driveway while Sam played in the sand.

Other activities included Ron going to Cleveland, TN Friday and Saturday with three other guys for a race, Rebekah coming to visit, dinner at Rosie's, breakfast with all our houseguests Sunday morning at the Waffle House, church, and the Panoply Festival.  It was a fun weekend.

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