Sink drama

So I've heard people say that building a house is a headache.  Ron and I have had a wonderful experience so far and even when something has gone wrong it's been relatively easy to fix it...until now.

Long story short... instead of ordering the stainless steel sink I wanted, the builders ordered a white granite sink and made our countertops around the dimensions of said sink.  The sink came in broken.  I found out what happened and said I'd take the granite sink but in a more suitable color for our kitchen since white wouldn't go well.   Sink # 2 came in and was broken during installation.  Sink # 3 came in and was broken in the box.  Sink # 4 should be here today and I'm PRAYING it makes it in and is installed without a hitch.  If we end up with our closing delayed and are homeless looking for a place to live, you can assume it's because of the darn sink.

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