Cousin Lindsay got married

I got packed up (again) and took Sam and Luke to Tennessee (again) for my cousin's wedding.  We traveled the last 4 weekends out of 5 and I'm so ready to stay home.  Our friend Graham jokingly asked us if we still lived in Huntsville since we missed so much church.  But I didn't want to miss Lindsay's wedding.  She's my second cousin and lives in Birmingham.  She got married at her home church, Brentwood United Methodist.  It was a beautiful wedding which included the cutest flower girls I've ever seen: my two nieces Anne Madison and Avery.

I got this picture of all 5 grandkids.  It's our prized picture so far...until Baby #3 comes along.  Then we'll need to get another.

Me and the boys at the church.

Aunt Jen and Luke.
Both boys did great!  Our hotel fire alarm went off early in the morning.  Hotels don't play...that thing was loud!  Sam screamed and cried because it hurt his ears while Luke layed on the bed kicking his feet and laughing at B.  What a difference.

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