No glasses for now

Sam had his follow-up eye appointment this morning and did great!  He let Dr. Cox do a more thorough exam than the first time and she was able to get a better read on his need for glasses.  The difference between the left and right eye is more than it was 3 months ago; but the good news is that his right eye has 20/30 vision.  She said at this age most eyes are around 20/40.  His left eye is still a level off from his right at 20/40.  She feels like his left eye might be able to catch up with his right and wants to see him again when he turns 4.  So for now no glasses!  YEA!!
So you're probably asking why I have a picture of him playing with this little race track.  After his eye appointment I took him to a little toy store in the mall and bought this.  It was different from anything he has and I thought it would hold his attention.  He played with it for an hour after we got home.  It's battery-operated and magnetic, so the cars flip and ride along without falling off.  The catch?  It was made in China and I think it should have remained in China.  The music that plays is so hilarious!  It's this Chinese dance-techno music.  So funny!

P.S.  Sam just woke from a nap after I wrote this post.  The first thing he wanted to do was play with his toy.  His exact words while playing were "I think I love this toy; it's pretty cool".  priceless...

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